Thanks Laoag...

Because I didn't go around and explore (intentionally) the place yesterday, and just choose to have an afternoon bonding with my room's bed and sleep all day, i thought about going around the whole day today.

Woke up at around 6:30am, had breakfast (the hotel's complimentary buffet breakfast) that made me feel so full the whole day, and then went around. 

First stop: The city's local weekend market. I checked the internet last night and it said there that one should be early in order to have a good catch in the market. It doesn't last the whole day because vendors usually closes before lunch. I bought the city's specialty -- BAGNET. A whopping 350.00/kilo. Ayoko na sanang bumili pero kasi super pinagbilin ni tito yun e. In fairness, it's really good naman talaga. And seeing the quantity of that 1 kilo, hmm.. im pretty sure its more than enough for everyone.. kahit pati sa "kabila".

Then I went to Paoay City, 16 km away from Laoag proper, to have a little muni-muni at Paoay Church. I saw pics of it in the net and it made me really wanting to actually see it. It was an old church. It's ruins are so perfectly amazing. Located at the city's center, the church is a unique combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental Designs.

That's my finger. Since im on a "solo flight", there's no way i could use my cam's timer for a pose, so yan na lang..just so to say na ako talaga ang kumuha.. haha!

It is probably the best-known “earthquake Baroque” church in the Philippines. Large coral stones were used for the lower level while bricks were used for the upper levels of the church. The bell tower near the church, dating from 1793, served as an observation point of the “Katipuneros” during the Philippine Revolution in 1896 and again by the guerrillas during the Japanese occupation.

Paoay is also known for its Cornik Factory, which I wasn't able to see because when I asked one local there, I should have someone with me when I go there. Also in places like the Sand Dunes and Maharlika. Delikado daw kasi pag mag-isa lang. Medyo liblib daw yung place so it's better to have your own car when going there. Oh well, there's still next time anyway.

Then I went to the Marcos' House in Batac. There I saw for the first time the actual remains of the late President Marcos. They didn't allow any camera inside the room, kaya wala akong pic. But they allowed it on the other parts of the house. Yun lang, they are all just old memoirs of the beloved president.

After Batac, I went back to Laoag. I thought of taking a rest before I go home in Manila. I also have to catch with the 3pm cut-off of the hotel unless I wanted to be charged for another day which of course a big big NO.

I say.. I had a great weekend there. A chance for me to take a good rest, away from everything that stresses me in Manila. A good chance for me to regain peace.

This break really helped.

And there no more way out... im now back in Manila...


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