I am doing some little revisions with my logo study when suddenly i received this text message from one of my dear girl friends...

Abi: Daei! Miss u! Naalala kita bigla amidst this super toxic day. haay...
Daei: I miss you too! Wer ka? Lunch tayo!
Abi: Nku! kenat bi 2day! Last day of sales namn for financial yr. Haay.. Namiss lang kita. Ayun. date tayo smetym nxt wk.
Daei: Promise? I have to tell you something din n di ako papayag na di mo malaman...
Abi: Ui! Ochige! tagal ko n rin hindi nababasa blog mo.

And girl, if in case you happen to drop by this blog, just wanna tell you that i super duper miss you too... Its been so long since we went out.. 

Looking forward to our date..


I'll be missing a lot of people soon... 

Another fine and feel-good weather today. Been raining the whole night and i just love this kind of weather. Its just like its inviting me to relax and rest the whole day. 

Though I was suppose to finish the remaining laundry today but since its still raining, i dont think its a good idea to wash. Instead, maybe i'll take time to organize my locker which i haven't been able to do for weeks now. 

Also, will take the moment to sit down on my asignment at work. I am suppose to submit 2 logo and flyer studies for one of our projects. It was due last friday but wasn't able to do it. So i have to send it via email this afternoon... hmm.. la pa kong gana e.. hanap muna ko ng motivation.. hehehehe...

Ysa and I had a sister-bonding talk last night. All about me and what's been distracting me for the past days. Now i feel a little relieved, kasi nailabas ko na. It's hard to keep everything to yourself. And it feels good that she understood me and the situation. 

oopps, wait.. i just wanna share this pic. our kulitan mode last night... si ysa and joel (the soon to be mommy and daddy) kasi ang kulit.. it should only be just the two of them . Sabi ko pangdagdag sa avp nila para sa wedding nila. E gusto kasama pa kme ni BF. Kaya ayan, parang extra lang kme.. hmft!

Today, I want to be productive.. a want to get a little busy... and hybernate again later....

haaayyyy, Life!!!!

and now that we need not to keep..

Thursday night BF and I went out with his officemates at Giligans. It was my first time to meet them and they are so nice. Ang kukulit! Madali silang makagaanan ng loob.. :-) After the gimik, we two had coffee and a long heart to heart talk... (again??) No, but its a bit complicated though... 

Last night, it was a Zirkoh night with my dear sisters at the office. Rhedd, Shox, Minz and Me with Kuya Jek... BF was supposed to go with us but inspite of all the tries, di sya pinayagan umalis sa work... In a way nakabawas sa dinadala naming problems.. It really feels good just laughing out your worries... 

After Zirkoh, I went to meet BF at our "tambayan", a little coffee, meet Kuya Jaime, his buddy at work (na super duper kulit din, di ako manalo sa kulitan!), and then went home past 3am...

Here's some pics from zirkoh...

my kumareng shawee

the certified kagonishta.. hahahah!

we never meant to complement colors.. but i loved it!

minkers and mee..

And today, after doing my laundry... would be my hybernation mode... :-)


later tonight.. Zirkoh with the "kagerz" and mareng shox...

and this weekend, my ultimate wish will come true... HYBERNATION!!! Im gonna sleep all day!!! 

.... haaayyy sarap!

I Wish...

... I wish...That this world is a better place to live

... I wish...All things are so simple to deal with

... I wish...Complications do not exist

... I wish...Understanding things is just as easy as eating chocolates.

... I wish...I could have someone to hold.

... I wish...I am not stubborn. 

... I wish...sometimes i'm somebody else.

... I wish..to fly... without any worries as to where the wind may lead me.

... I wish...for a silent moment... so as to recharge my mind.

... I wish...to be with my mom... even for a second, ang hug her, tell her i love her and  she's the best and greatest person in my life...

... I wish...i could sleep all day so I dont have to consume my day worrying about things.

... life would continue to unfold drama-free. (man that would be boring!)

... I wish..i could travel the world and have to worry about the money i would spend (or the visa to get into the country i want to go to.)

... I wish..i had the gift for words. Not tactless-ness.

...I wish..i had the gift of song. then I could sing my heart out without having to worry about being out of tune.

...I wish..i had the gift of dance. So i move to the beat without the fear of being criticized.

...I wish..i didn't care what other people think and say about me as much as i do.

...I wish..i could let go of things as easily as others.

I wish.. I only wish...


it is often said that the person who is the "clown" to everyone in a group, he that always provides fun and laughter amongst everyone, he who seems to have no problem at all, will also be the same person with the biggest depression and sadness inside of him.

... and i totally AGREE with this.

with this song, i can relate . . . 

So i put on my make-up 
put a smile on my face 
and if anyone ask me everything is ok 
im laughing cuz no one knows the joke is on me 
coz im dyin inside with my pride 
and a smile on my face



not feeling well since early morning... migrane attacked and body pains hits me...

but still... go pa rin. went to work and yeah, dinner tonight with jaymie and kit.

i just need a whole day sleep...

BF Bonding

This morning was one of the best bond I had with BF. We woke up 4am for a jog around FTI complex. It was both our first time to do that. Aside from the jogging, it was an FTI Complex tour for me.. hehehe! He showed me mga pasikot sikot sa complex which I only learned to exist that time. *wink* We went home around 6am, in time for me to prepare for work. 

We already shared  a lot of bonding moments. All of them I treasure. And early this morning on my way here at the office, ang agang dramahan sa text!

I know, you'll gonna read this post. 

And yeah, all those things that we've talked about, will remain that way. I am happy and blessed that we've crossed our paths... 

... im just here

Baby Saab

Early today, Baby Saab, short for Sabina Lakisha visited us here at the office. She's my soon to be inaanak to my kumareng Shox...

She's so cutttteee! It was the first time that I saw her since she came into this world 6 months ago.. 

Syempre, iwan muna trabaho.. playtime muna!!! 

Click the pic for a larger view...

I just love kids!!!

i was checking out my archives and smiled when i saw my post last year. It was about me getting worried that I may not be able to spend time with Marlo because he's soon to resign from his work then. I was too worried that our everyday routine would soon be gone...

Funny it seems that now, he's totally gone and I cannot spend any time with him anymore... forever. and its funny that now, a year from that post, I am totally away from that emotional stress and is facing a new chapter of my life. 

There's a new road to take and it means new experiences. I'm ready to take the challenge. With my new stronger self, and with my friends behind me, I am looking forward to where this journey would lead me to...


leaves at least 86 dead and 700 missing

Let us all pray for all the victims of "Frank" especially those who are missing from the Sulpicio Lines that capsized off Sibuyan Island, yesterday at 6pm.

Dear Jaymie...

February 20007 when we first met and it was April 27, 2007 when we first say our hi and hellos. It was that drinking fountain of Wynsum which witnessed our bloopers when we started out this friendship. I remember, I was going to watch the fashion show of FIs and you were about to attend the rpm class. Remember the phrase "oo nga e, we're on the same boat"?

It was an instant connection. We were just an acquaintance then. That night, we were texting each other and the next day we already had our first lunch together at Kitaro. The following day, a dinner ay Greenwhich. And goes the list...

After 4 months of going out together we can't believe that we only knew each other for just months.. because it seemed years. We were used to seeing each other everyday. For that 4 months, we experienced almost all kinds of tests and challenge. Haapy moments, sad moments, laughing trip, crying times, food trip, road trip, meeting extended friends and more...

The friendship grew further and now we call ourselves BFF...

And now, it's been more than a year...

Tagaytay, Starbucks, Brothers Burger, High Street, Serendra (yes! our most favorite place), Onion Rings, Green Tea, Chicken Fajita, Pasta, Fitness First (oh how we love this gym, ayt?), Yohoo, Something Fishy, Plumb. Corrinne May, Body Combat Mode, Body Jam, our music, a lot more...

Bestfriends. More than what to be expected of from best friends. You were there with me during my very down moments, witnessed my confusions and understood my wrong decisions. You always go out of your way for me and I am very very much thankful and blessed for that.

As days passed, more and more unexpected things happened. It was as if we're twins who knew every detail of our activities. Secrets unfolds..

You supported me in every decisions that I made... and what's best is that you were also loved by my family. They knew you more than any of my friends. They even misses you more than they missed me! Hahaha!

Last night was the best moment I had with you. What happened made our friendship more stronger and we both prove to ourselves that this is just not a friendship. This is a bond that will end till forever. Those tears are just proof on how much we love each other.

Thank you for the trust, honesty and understanding. It can never be exchanged for anything else.

I love you very much, BFF....

I just love

.. the Rainy Day...

.. cuddling my pillow...

.. slipping under my blanket ...

.. cold weather ...

.. coffee...

.. sleeping all day

and this was really one of the moments i have been longing for....


my song for the week..
(i just love playing this one again and again)

Jesse Mccartney Take Your Sweet Time
More MP3's @ MusicDumper.com!

It isn't a crime to want
A little space to breathe
But you will be fine,The sun again will shine
On you
Whatever you do

Take your sweet,sweet time
Cuz I'll be here, when you change your mind
Take your sweet,sweet time
I'll be here for you baby

I'm feeling you pull away
'Cause letting go isn't easy for me
But you'll never fly
With someone else's wings,I know
Wherever you go

Take your sweet,sweet time
I'll be here, when you change your mind
Take your sweet,sweet time
I'll be here for you baby

I will never stand in your way
Whereever your heart may lead you
I will love you the same
And I will be your comfort everyday
Do you hear the words I say

Take your sweet,sweet time
I'll be here (I'll be here)when you change your mind
Take your sweet,sweet time
I'll be here for you baby
Take your sweet,sweet time
I'll be here when you change your mind
Take your sweet,sweet time
I'll be here for you baby

Oh, I'll be here, for you
I will be here


my newest baby...

pero syempre, baby ko ap rin si macky... love ko silang dalawa... 


... Lord, please help me value a friendship more than my own self's interest. If letting go means sacrificing my own feelings for my friend's own happiness, then teach me to handle it. Give me the strength to hold back my emotions and be the instrument of a new beginning for my friend. In time, I know that you'll give me more than what I want now and more than what I dreamed of.

... Thank you for giving me a true friend that inspite of everything, stood up for me. Who carried and walked with me through my ups and down. And, if it is needed to give up this little thing i have now, I would. Because, I value our friendship than my own happiness...

... Lord, guide me and show me the way to this road im walking right now. Put everything in place and be in control. It is you who knows what's best and I trust in you. Heal my heart and give me peace....

... Amen.

yep! 5 consecutive straight days and i'm sober every night. without any reason at all. sabi ni tito emil "bakit ba tayo nag-iinom ng sunod sunod, e wala naman tayong mga problema?" hahaha!

And here's the line-up:

Friday - At home. When Tito asked for 2 bottle, we end up with a 1 Jumbo Bottle of Matador. Ended @ 2am. Together with Junel, Jessie and Joel, a.k.a . "The Matias Brothers".

Saturday - Kit's Birthday Celebration. 3 Jumbo Bottle of Matador, Vodka Ice and Mudshaker. Fullhouse attendance. Ended @ 5am Click here for pics..

Sunday - Tagaytay Road Trip. Carlos Pizza. Stabucks... and Madam Auring. 2 cans of SML while on the Road. Went home @ 3am.

Monday - Hoping to catch-up on sleep, but lucky me, my wish was never granted. Stranded at Matias' residence. 1 Bottle of Red Horse with Tito Emil and Tito Jun. Then at home, Junel, my "boyfriend" dropped by and into the mood for SML.  3 bottles of SML each. It was just us.. Tito, Me, Joel and him. Drinking session ended at around 2am. 
- 2am - 6am -- kwentuhan with "bf". Slept @ 6:30am. And need to wake up by 9:30am

Tuesday - Mommy's 6th Year Death Anniversary. 9:30am when BF called to wake me up. Jaymie then fetched us and drive all the way to Bulacan.
- 2 bottles of SML. And Videoke!!!
- Before going home, we dropped by at Tito Jun's work at Royal Northwoods Golf Course and he feed us with lotsa foods! pics here

And I was able to sleep early!!! At 10pm, im already on my bed enjoying my new iTouch! *wink*

When I die

Recently, a few months to be more concise, I've encountered a consecutive lost of loved ones, family member and a friend.

Marlo, my "one true love" then, left us after a month and a half of confinement at the hospital. He died of Colon Cancer...

Followed by Mommy Flor's mom and then by our dear Omar's Dad. Both of them are my college classmate and friends...

And then comes Charlotte, my dear sister and friend at INQTV. She left after 3 days at the hospital. A so sudden death that shocked everyone. Which until now I can't still believe. I was still talking to her months ago and grieving about Marlo's death and I never know that soon she'll follow.

Yesterday, my cousin's (Donna) soon to be son left us. He's just 5 months old at my cousin's womb. And he never got the chance to know us... but he's our angel now.

And last night I was thinking.. where are they now. Yes I know and I believe that they are already in heaven with our Big Daddy. But then I wonder, do they still knew us? can they see us now? what exactly are they doing now.

Sad that most of the time, those who are dying do not have any chance to make some "bilin" at all. And then I thought, when my time comes, how would it be? Morbid as it may seems but I thought about posting this if in case my time comes and I can't have the chance to say this to anyone...

When I die..

... I dont want to see so much sadness in everyones faces. Sure, its normal to grieve, but I want to see everyone on a brighter side.. smiling and remembering my good memories.

... Since everyone would be talking about how I touched their lives, I wanted my friendster profile, this blog and my multiply site available for viewing on my wake. Especially this blog for this is where I write all the most meaningful events and people of my life... (jaymie knows the password for all my accounts.. *wink*)

... You might want my pictures flashing at my wake. It's all set with macky. You just need to open the screensaver because I used my slideshow pics as my screensaver.. just ask those who's on mac on how to do it.

... I dont want you to throw all my things and investments. Divide it to those who needs it.

... And Daddy, I want you to take care of my savings...

... If its true that a dead person can see everyone while still here on earth, I wanted to see everyone on my wake. Don't worry, i'll let you know if in case you still don't know that I'm dead.. hehehehe...

... I want you to pray for me. For my soul. For I am not as good as you think. I also have my bad sides, you know...hehehe.

... And most of all, I want everyone to be happy for me. For I am with my Big Daddy up there. I'll watch over you and be your angel.

Morbid ba? Nah... don't take this post as bad as it may seem. Just posting this if in case... and we should all be prepared... anytime...

Because only Him knows when...


Im pretty sure, many would agree...

that in every office or any working environment, there are just someone who's a "pain in the ass" to everyone!

and i damn hate him!

Video courteousy of minnie... One of the best exerience I had... just loved it!

My 2nd visit to the 2nd largest city of the world... Davao.

5 days and 4 nights of stay at Grand Regal Hotel, Petron Fleet Card Re-Training (the main reason why we are here), Crocodile Park, Waterfront, Eden Nature Park, Skyrider Experience, and much more!!!!

Random pics...

i took this shot upon arrival at Davao. Many would agree that Davao International Airport, compared to other provicial airport is the most developed one. (I also loved Iloilo Airport though.) 

2nd night. A dinner at Dencio's Hilltop wherein you'll have an overlooking view of Davao City. We were treated for dinner by Ate Virgie, Minnie's friend whom she knew during her Palawan trip.

at Davao Crocodile Park. Lakasan ng loob lag for the sake na makapag pa-picture! Extreme Challenge talaga!

In preparation for the Skyrider Challenge...

Kyla's 8th...

Her real birthday is on Thursday, June 5. She's turning 8 by then. And since she's leaving for romblon (yep.. her vacation with us has ended) and I would be off for Davao on Wednesday, we decided to celebrate it yesterday at home with everyone - The Matias Brothers, Jaymie, Kit and Us...

We Jaymie, Kyla and Me) went to church first in the afternoon. Then dropped by at Tiendesitas for some of jaymie's errands, picked up Kit at Wynsum and then head off to the house for the party. 

As usual, hard drinks to the next level again...and she was very happy.

She'll be back in August after her first grading period...

I'll miss you kylets!!!

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