Now What! Yeah I'm Back. I intentionally took aside this blog for the longest time because i don't have anything to write about. I mean, it's always been the same thing and the last few months of last year wasn't much that interesting. Anyway, I'm back and rolling again! :)

Part of last year, my Dad finally migrated to New Jersey and he has been there for almost 4 month now. Still trying to land on a job, which I know he could make because I believe in his capabilities and his will to have a job there.

I resigned from Cengage. For the reason I dont wanna talk about. Decided to make a big leap... im going to Singapore, and hopefully have my luck there. I decided to go there on March. Oh, I also went into a call center job after Cengage, part of it to add to my savings when I go to SG. But no luck, I cannot stand the schedule. Apparently, my former boss from 1ISA get me for a special project that would run this whole month of February. So here I am, on my last week for thsi project. Come next week, I would be very busy for packing up and getting ready for the big leap.

Speaking of which... my college friends gave me a SURPRISE Despedida party last Friday. And they really surprised me. Organized by my Bestfriend Van, it was truly an effort that I appreciate. It was a videoke night with my college friends. And they gave me this scrapbook which I never get tired to browse over and over.

pics from the despedida here.

I only have 2 weeks left before I leave. A little part of me is excited. But most part is nervous and sad. But then, I need to do this so daddy and me can be together again.

I always pray for the best and I know that HE will always guide me to the right direction.


A bottle of Jose Cuervo, 8 bottles of Vodka Cruiser + overflowing pulutan + long night bonding - hangover = PERFECT! Ang SARAPPPP!

'twas last night when homebase family celebrated Junel's recognition as employee of the year and his upcoming promotion. We are really happy for him. And I am indeed, very proud of him.


I am loving my new phone. I am still not able to inform some other people on my previous contacts list because I completely lost contact with them.

To those who still don't know what happened, I left my phone on the cab going home, friday night. I don't have a choice but to secure a new one. Ok lang yung phone since its already old and starting to malfunction anyway. But all those contacts are pretty hard to restore. Masyadong hassle!

Anyway, now I have a new number. To all those people that I still haven't informed yet, you can message me here so I could get in touch with you :)


BLF is finally back home!

Friday night, i lost my phone.

I don't care about the phone. What matters to me are the contacts and messages i used to save.

Yesterday i bought a new one. But then, some contacts are difficult to restore.

But, looking at the brighter side of it, it's like starting a new life.


Excited for BLF's arrival tonight!

Pero as if magkikita naman kjami mamaya..


I could say that I am one of those lucky few who never had any single harm caused by the recent typhoon tragedy that hit the country. It is a Big Blessing. I am not one of those people who lost their homes, properties, families, loved ones, and I never experienced what other people had been through. Some, until now remains to be "unrescued"

I am lucky i still have my home. I never lost a family or a loved one. We are all safe and sound. This is already a Blessing that I have to be thankful for.

To give it back, I joined volunteer works, in any way possible to extend my help and to reach those who are in need.

Prayer is the best that I can give.

Though sometimes i have this guilt feeling whenever I eat a lot, go shopping and managed to pamper myself at this time while everyone else is in a recovery stage.

This is a wake-up call for everyone, for all of us.

I realized, that inspite of every problems that I have, there are more things to be thankful for. HE just thought me the real meaning of appreciating life... and counting every single thing and person in your life as a blessing.

This time, without any tiring and stressfull training, no toxic work involved, I finally had the real "taste" of Singapore.

This is actually the "little surprise" that I mentioned on the previous post. Since BLF left for Singapore and we had a long ditance besty talks almost everyday, might as well fly and give a surprise visit!

Saturday when I booked the flight and then Sunday afternoon, I boarded a three and a half hour flight to Singapore.

I stayed at their flat along Yusin Ring Road, which I am actually missing so much, right about now.

Sentosa tour, Buffet Dinner at Quality Hotel, House Party, Esplanade, Merlion, Shopping at Bugis, New Your New York lunch, MRT, Bus and Train Rides.... it was indeed, a memorable weekend for me.

Most of all, I am happy I was able to fulfill the main reason why I made a visit: To check on my BLF and to see her happy.

See you in December!

about to fly

i am preparing for a little surprise tonight. something that someone wouldn't expect to happen. something so abrupt. and i am excited.

you'll now in the next copule of days...


Sarap ng may bestfriend...

pero nasa malayo sya...



it's the 30th Manila International Book Fair. An annual event that Cengage Learning joins as an exhibitor. And here I am, on duty since yesterday. While everyone else is on their way to Hanna's (Kuya Rey's daughter) 1st birthday at McDo West Ave, i am here alone at our booth.

It's ok. I guess as the newbie, I have all the reasons to stay here. Next year babawian ko kung sino man ang newbie sa amin. Hehe. Its good that I have a laptop and a Sun Broadband to accompany me for the day.

This is my last day of duty for the fair... tomorrow i will be "somewhere out there".. a bit far from here, and I am excited.


I can't understand why some "friends" afford to talk something "not so good" about me behind my back when in fact they can ask me about it anyway. Why suddenly, after everything, I would hear some questions about what am I doing recently. Well I guess, it is just right to say that I don't have to explain and let everybody knows what am I up to.

I can answer all your doubts about what am I doing, my dear. All you have to do is to ask me.

I will post pics and details of it soon, dont worry.


this is my extended family... and i loved them so much...

celebrating my 29th bday with them is something to treasure... for keeps.


Daddy is leaving for the states on November. For good. They already have their immigrant visas and they need to leave before the year ends.


Hope I could see him next year if the Boston trip would push through.

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