it's the 30th Manila International Book Fair. An annual event that Cengage Learning joins as an exhibitor. And here I am, on duty since yesterday. While everyone else is on their way to Hanna's (Kuya Rey's daughter) 1st birthday at McDo West Ave, i am here alone at our booth.

It's ok. I guess as the newbie, I have all the reasons to stay here. Next year babawian ko kung sino man ang newbie sa amin. Hehe. Its good that I have a laptop and a Sun Broadband to accompany me for the day.

This is my last day of duty for the fair... tomorrow i will be "somewhere out there".. a bit far from here, and I am excited.


I can't understand why some "friends" afford to talk something "not so good" about me behind my back when in fact they can ask me about it anyway. Why suddenly, after everything, I would hear some questions about what am I doing recently. Well I guess, it is just right to say that I don't have to explain and let everybody knows what am I up to.

I can answer all your doubts about what am I doing, my dear. All you have to do is to ask me.

I will post pics and details of it soon, dont worry.


this is my extended family... and i loved them so much...

celebrating my 29th bday with them is something to treasure... for keeps.


Daddy is leaving for the states on November. For good. They already have their immigrant visas and they need to leave before the year ends.


Hope I could see him next year if the Boston trip would push through.


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