saw this at the old marcos' house when i was in Laoag 2 weeks ago. these are car plates used by the late president.

well..  i took a picture of it simply because i remember some special people who are so so close to my heart..

and im pretty sure i could make them smile the moment they read this... or should i say, the moment they got this pic on their mailbox.. 

miss you two so much!

I haven't write anything lately. No, it's not intentional. I just don't have anything to write or do i feel like writing about... anything. I've been very busy too with work that deadlines came into rush in just a snap. 

But the usual routine is still there. Meeting BLF almost quite often for dinner and coffee.

In few days, Tita and Kyla will be home. In time for Ysa's due and Lalique's arrival. Just yesterday i bought some little stuffs for her.. i just cant resist getting infants accesories especially now. And im pretty pretty sure that this little baby will be spoiled to the max not just by me but by everyone else in the family. Everybody is ACTUALLY waiting for her.

There's nothing really special that happened lately..

Oh and yeah, emo seems to be really sad lately. And i feel really sorry for him. It's been a cycle for him though... Being there for him and listening to his woes would be the best that i can do for him... now.

November is coming.. start of a busy yuletide season for us... and blessing are starting to pour in.

Can't wait.

In a week or so, a new member of the family will arrive. 

Everyone is soooooo excited!

... and she'll be named Lalique Julliane. 

I am, at this point a very excited Tita. :-) 

*Remember the baby havaiannas i bought months ago? that's for her.. ganun ako ka-excited!!!


"Ang sarap sumuntok!"

This is how i felt after our (Me, BLF, and Little Sis) boxing bonding session last night at Elorde Gym along Taft, Manila. 

It was my first, BLF's second and Little Sis nth time at Elorde. BLF and I arrived 30 mins earlier than Little Sis, who's tagging her officemate Che. I met Kuya Anthony, the super kulit trainor who trained us three. Well, all of them there are really makukulit. They are so nice that they will really approach you and teach you how to do the proper punches. 

I loved it! Warm-up pa lang tagaktak na pawis namin. Much more the one on one session. And the punching bag!! I really loved it.

We'll go back there nextweek!

Thank's BLF and Little Sis.. and oh! it's nice to have you back!!! *wink*


Because I didn't go around and explore (intentionally) the place yesterday, and just choose to have an afternoon bonding with my room's bed and sleep all day, i thought about going around the whole day today.

Woke up at around 6:30am, had breakfast (the hotel's complimentary buffet breakfast) that made me feel so full the whole day, and then went around. 

First stop: The city's local weekend market. I checked the internet last night and it said there that one should be early in order to have a good catch in the market. It doesn't last the whole day because vendors usually closes before lunch. I bought the city's specialty -- BAGNET. A whopping 350.00/kilo. Ayoko na sanang bumili pero kasi super pinagbilin ni tito yun e. In fairness, it's really good naman talaga. And seeing the quantity of that 1 kilo, hmm.. im pretty sure its more than enough for everyone.. kahit pati sa "kabila".

Then I went to Paoay City, 16 km away from Laoag proper, to have a little muni-muni at Paoay Church. I saw pics of it in the net and it made me really wanting to actually see it. It was an old church. It's ruins are so perfectly amazing. Located at the city's center, the church is a unique combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental Designs.

That's my finger. Since im on a "solo flight", there's no way i could use my cam's timer for a pose, so yan na lang..just so to say na ako talaga ang kumuha.. haha!

It is probably the best-known “earthquake Baroque” church in the Philippines. Large coral stones were used for the lower level while bricks were used for the upper levels of the church. The bell tower near the church, dating from 1793, served as an observation point of the “Katipuneros” during the Philippine Revolution in 1896 and again by the guerrillas during the Japanese occupation.

Paoay is also known for its Cornik Factory, which I wasn't able to see because when I asked one local there, I should have someone with me when I go there. Also in places like the Sand Dunes and Maharlika. Delikado daw kasi pag mag-isa lang. Medyo liblib daw yung place so it's better to have your own car when going there. Oh well, there's still next time anyway.

Then I went to the Marcos' House in Batac. There I saw for the first time the actual remains of the late President Marcos. They didn't allow any camera inside the room, kaya wala akong pic. But they allowed it on the other parts of the house. Yun lang, they are all just old memoirs of the beloved president.

After Batac, I went back to Laoag. I thought of taking a rest before I go home in Manila. I also have to catch with the 3pm cut-off of the hotel unless I wanted to be charged for another day which of course a big big NO.

I say.. I had a great weekend there. A chance for me to take a good rest, away from everything that stresses me in Manila. A good chance for me to regain peace.

This break really helped.

And there no more way out... im now back in Manila...

Laoag- Day 1

Blogging straight here from Laoag. Arrived earlier around 11am and went straight to my training. Afterall, it is the main purpose why i'm here. The station dealer fetched me at the airport because according to them, public transpo is expensive especially if the people around knew that you are a tourist.

Funny thing is, as soon as i was about to start my training, i learned that the people there were still the old staffs who were trained a year ago. Which means, i need not to do an extensive detail by detail training because they already knew what i was suppose to teach them.

So, i replaced their machine, pulled-out the old one, and just taught them the new sop's thatwere recently implemented. 

Afterwhich, I scouted for a hotel. I was able to get some brochures and fliers at the airport earlier. I looked for the one which has a wi-fi connection because the first thing i need now is INTERNET CONNECTION. Kamusta naman na mag-isa ka lang and wala ka pang internet??? It's just a good thing that the sister of the dealer owns this hotel where I am staying now.

Isabel Suites.. just along the city's center. And yup, they have a good wi-fi connection, cheap room rates (with free breakfast), and a good room service. They also have a restaurant -- Cailian Grill ---  which is kinda expensive. Buti na lang, just beside this hotel, may Jollibee. Syempre dun ako nag lunch, para maiba naman.. hehehehe!

And then I just spent the day sleeping. I'll be going back to Manila tomrw night. But in the morning I am planning to see Paoay Church and hopefully attend mass there. If time still permits, I might still see and check out other places to go.


Mah INQ TV Boys bonding night....

Had a mini get-together with my INQ TV Boys last night -- Allan and Sherwin. It's been 3 years since the three of us we're together. It was I think was the last day of our INQ TV Edsa 20 project. 

Allan, now a proud daddy to the very pretty, charming, adorable and sooo beautiful Alegria and .. sige na nga a loyal wife to Rica. Sherwin, still the same She i've known. We're in constant communication until now not like Allan which I only saw last night since we parted ways few years back. And to think, inaanak ko pa si Alegria!

If only I am not bound for Laoag today, i probably stayed late with them.. namiss ko sila sobra!

Amidst my busy Friday schedule, I got a lunch invitation by one of our colleagues. Since there's a little "free" time before my scheduled meeting, I joined the invitation. We had lunch at Cafe Junita, somewhere along United St., Kapitolyo, Pasig. It was my first time to eat there and I was really amazed with the place. Outside, it may seems so ordinary that you wouln't expect that it looks so wonderful inside. 

It really has to be appreciated from the inside and I think this place is perfect for intimate and small dinners. The interiors are ranging from Asian/Filipino Colonial/Chinese Eclectic designs with antiques and colonial pieces in display (most are actually for sale.) all throughout the restaurant. 

Since the restaurant is very small, you need to reserve a table (which we did, thank's to Cheng who made the abrupt reservation)  way in advance as it is pretty crowded during dinners (and you should REALLY specify how many guests are you taking along with you). The food are distinctly Filipino but with a variety of Southeast Asian flavors.

We tried the Dimsum Plate,  Sinigang na Sugpo, Adobo Steak with Adobo Flakes, Laing and the Creme Brulee for dessert. We were so much "busog". Sorry no pics to post. Medyo pormal pormalan kanina e.. hehehe

All in all, ambience is what Cafe Juanita sell, and being its out of the way of the usual restaurant belts adds more to the adventure.

My first time to try this course. Well, it was really my first time to eat at Fish & Co. BLF and I had it earlier at Shangri-la, our "pahabol" dinner before I leave for Laoag this weekend. We wouldn't be able to spent time after today til I get back to Manila on Sunday night kaya we took the time to have our last-minute besty bonding.

This New York Fish & Chips...I love it! It was white fish with parmesan cheese stuffing with lemon butter sauce and french fries. The fish and the cheese melted in your mouth that you couldn’t help but get one more bite. And one more bite. And just one more. One more?

And then match it with starwberry lemonade? Ayos!!!

Though I (or we?) weren't able to finish all that was in our plate, because our stomachs are really exploding, it was really, really a thumbs up course. And, although the prices are bit exhorbitant, which really wasn't a place that would encourage me to dine frequently, I guess, it's really sulit naman when it comes to the quality of food and service. Not to mention the friendly staff and waiters.

Next time, if budget permits and when we want something different from the usual dinner habits, i know now where to go..



... and now i can say "I AM READY TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN"

because the pain is gone... no more hurt.

whatever it is that had happened, its past and let's leave grudges behind. if you can't say a word.. if you're shy to make the first approach, no worries. i can do it. so the next time we cross paths again, expect my little "hi" or a smile maybe.

time really heals pain. but things will never never be the same again. that's for sure. let's just stay with how things are and be thankful that in a some ways, we've touched each other's lives and somehow made a little difference.

you said let's just be "simple friends".. and now i say... let's go with the flow. whatever "kind" of a friend you wanted us to be, it doesn't matter. For me, what's important is we are still bonded as a "family" and that we've taught each other another lesson.

i hope, i do really hope, in our own individual lives, we may found peace and happiness deep within. :-)

see you around!


this weekend... weeee!!!

After quite sometime (2 weeks or more i guess), we saw each other again. I have no choice though at that time. It was really a moment where I know it is a 100% possibility of seeing you. And it did. I thought I would feel strange. I thought I would feel awkward. And I even pepared myself a bit.

But no. I am glad it felt so natural. The moment I saw you, it was like... nothing. And yes, I felt strange because I never felt any chills or any awkwardness. And to have your mom's best adobo for dinner with them.. parang walang nangyaring issue. Well, i never allowed your family to get into the confict that we have in the first place. I just hope they didn't noticed a thing.

And it doesn't matter anyway. Whether or not they noticed something different between us, it is you whom they will ask anyway. It's your perogative to answer it.. whether to tell them the real score or just shut up like what i did.

Everything's ok, i guess. And yeah.. its really much better this way. I am glad I am recovering. It is not painful anymore. Seeing you doesn't give me any hurt at all. 

As what you wanted it to be... seeing you is just like seeing an "ordinary friend". 

But then, everytime that i thought about what we've been through and what we've shared... it's all a wasted time.. a wasted trust.. a "sweet nightmare".

I know.. definitely.. time will come when we'll both see ourselves smiling and laughting over this. 

And we both know we cannot avoid each other forever... we are still bonded.. as "family". So I hope, i really hope... things will get better than this. 

... in time.

2 weeks passed and things are now getting easier. It was really really hard and painful during the first few days but today, im finding myself starting to wear that smile again and carrying the feeling of being loved and appreciated. It's so wonderful.

When a person doesn't have the courage to face you and clear things out, then he's not worth the time, not worth the pain, not worth the thought... not really worth the struggle. And yes, it's really better to just shut up and let it go. After all, it's all his loss... not mine. In fact, it was him who wanted to put things this way.

Bitter? no. I'm just trying to save myself to be drowned deeper into this petty issue.

And with the help of those whom i knew who'll stand by me, things get easier.

"EMO" and my "BLF"... the key people into how i managed to survived and get off this shit. They are the one who knew how exacty i am feeling... and not any people at all. I have been quiet all this time and I am also glad in a way that those people around us also are sensitive enough not to talk about it. 

This morning with EMO will be one of the most treasured moments i ever had. It was, really really something i never expected to happen. To cross a boundary means risking an important friendship relationship and that I am not yet ready to face. After all, I just been into a deep heart trouble and to face a new battle is not my mood right now. And still he understand. 

My BLF on the other hand is always there, 24/7. Ready to listen and understand how i feel.. Well to be the person who sees everything happening, to know every single detail.. im just blessed to have her.

I have lost a so-called "close" friend whom in just a snap decided to be just a "simple friend" (i never thought he has this kind of categories for his friends), but its no big deal. Not worthy anyway. A living example of how you can test what the word "friendship" really means.

Just dont mess with me again... because you dont have any right to and i dont really deserve it.

When im totally fine... maybe you just really have to leave me alone.


from a two consecutive days of streamering for motolite. We've covered Caloocan, Novaliches, and Valenzuela area. All in all we completed 56 houses...

Few more left... hoping to finish the whole campaign by next week...

It is indeed a sooo tiring job for us. But enjoyable though. Sometimes a bit of bloopers. And most of the time, a sense of accomplishment. As we always say: "rain or shine tuloy ang showdown". 

Lately, I have been so busy with different "rakets" at the office. A blessing and a help for me to have my own diversion. And it really helped.

After what had transpired from the past days, i found myself focusing on work, eating most of my time.. even during weekends. Tired but i am liking it. 

I find it quite different waking up in the morning without having to think of "that past" and just laughing about what had happened. Realizing that its really not worth the struggle. And that leads me to focus on my work and prioritize things.

I am quite recovered. A bit more and i am surely back in shape.


After the motolite sreamering earlier. I had dinner with BLF (oh! this is the new term we are using now. mashado na kasing overused and BFF eh!) at Café Mondial in Silver City. A different place for us. It was both our first time to eat there and well.. ok naman yung food. 

After dinner we had coffee. A little kwentuhan... a bonding talk actually. A bestfriend's bonding moment for us.

Sayang we don't have pics earlier, blf... :(


I am going out with "emo" tomrw. A bit of a bonding date that we haven't done for a long time. I am not sure if im going to post details here, but rest assured... it would be asomething worth remembering..

Have to sleep now... Got to wake up early tomrw...

Nytie Night!

at Guilly's Island, San Juan.

She's our dear, super loved, uber kind boss we all luckily have. Personally, I have a lot to thank her for. I am blessed to have crossed her path...

And she turned _ _ . haha! yup, i won't mention any numbers here... *wink*

Selected few was invited and Im lucky to be included.. hehehe! 

Cheng, Rhedd, and Moi... kelangan talaga meron kaming trio pic..

this time with bee and ekums...

the marketing group..  the birthday girl up front right with cute little zandro

the ever-lovable gurls.. the company's assets.. wahahaha!

Again, a very happy happy birthday Ma'am Cel... We all love you so much!


you're supposed to turn 26 today...

i remember exactly a year ago, when i threw a surprise party for you... 
and you are already sick then...

we really missed you here...

always be our angel...

happy birthday yani!!!

sa wakas!

natapos din ang 3-day MCC HRP Activity. 

For 3 days i have been assigned to supervise and join the MCC (Metrobank Cards Corp.) booth manning at De La Salle Medical Center, Dasmariñas Cavite. I have to be there the whole day. It was so tiring but a different experience, escpecially another chance for me to go out of office (oh! i terribly missed strata sooo much!) and to be out of town even for a while. 

A bit fair for the turn-ins, but we really expected more. 

And im so so excited to have my whole day rest tomrw...


SHOUTOUT: Bon Vayage to my dear Kuya jay who's leaving for UAE tomrw for a 2-year work contract. We'll miss you here!!!

cousins bond

right after our day 2 of Metro's HRP at Dasma, I went straight to glorietta for a dinner with my cousins (dad's side). It has been so long since we were complete like this. Catching up, having fun, missing each other.

blurred. tin, car, mai, me and ann... miss them much..

patabaan ito: mai, moi and ann

and we thought that we have to do this thing regularly...


Back to our HRP, we only generated 21 turn-ins today. Sad. Hopefully tomrw will be the BIG day... since ot would be our last day and we are hoping more people would come...


and yes.. "emo" called. and im happy that he is happy too... *wink*

Just got home from our day 1 of the 3-day Metrobank HRP Activity at De La Salle Medical Center. I tagged Joel with me and it was our teamwork for the next few days.

So tired. And i miss our office... 

Today we genarated 24 turn-ins and hopefully we could do better tomrw and on saturday.


"emo" called to give an "update". Flattered and glad to have him back talking like the way he used to be before... and i am happy to hear him wearing that smile on his face...

hmm.. seems like the everyday telebabad is back...

and i hope that this time, his happiness would be for real...


need to rest early for tomrw will be another tiring day... and i love it though... i need and i have to  make myself  busy...


im feeling much better.


to have him back again...

earlier i got a surprise call from "emo"... a treasured someone i had wayback. 

for some reasons, we had a cut-off communication (which we never intend. it just happened). it was almost 2 or 3 years since we last talked like the way it was earlier. 

oh, we knew the reason. we just never talked about it. and time makes it way to bring back the good friendship.

it was a 2-hour phone talk and i am really really happy for the newly opened door again.

i will never let the past happen again.. this time.

... again, he knocked my door at this point in my life... when everything seems to be so jumbled... letting me knew that he's just there.


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