My first time to try this course. Well, it was really my first time to eat at Fish & Co. BLF and I had it earlier at Shangri-la, our "pahabol" dinner before I leave for Laoag this weekend. We wouldn't be able to spent time after today til I get back to Manila on Sunday night kaya we took the time to have our last-minute besty bonding.

This New York Fish & Chips...I love it! It was white fish with parmesan cheese stuffing with lemon butter sauce and french fries. The fish and the cheese melted in your mouth that you couldn’t help but get one more bite. And one more bite. And just one more. One more?

And then match it with starwberry lemonade? Ayos!!!

Though I (or we?) weren't able to finish all that was in our plate, because our stomachs are really exploding, it was really, really a thumbs up course. And, although the prices are bit exhorbitant, which really wasn't a place that would encourage me to dine frequently, I guess, it's really sulit naman when it comes to the quality of food and service. Not to mention the friendly staff and waiters.

Next time, if budget permits and when we want something different from the usual dinner habits, i know now where to go..


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  1. Archivald said...

    Archie and I tried it once and never went back... hehehe. Guess it's just not one of our favorite restos. I'm glad though that you enjoyed the food. :-)

    ~ Monique

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