a lot have been happening lately.

i wasn't able to post anything because...

i lost macky.

worst, i almost lost everything.

but a BIG and GREAT BLESSING was just been given to me...

full details soon...


plus... an out of the country travel very very soon...


We're (Smart Pinoy Team) joining a part of the Independence Day Celebration here at Kawit Cavite as we held our 5th and Final Leg of Smart PInoy Galing Pinoy Job and Fun Fair 2009. We tied it up with the Local Government's Celebration and thus, I am so excited to be part of this year's Independence Day Celebration.

Our call time later is 7am. As early as 5:30 am, the LGU's program will start with a parade followed by the re-enactment of the Independence Day. Our venue is exactly in front of Aguinaldo Shrine. Apart from our job fair, different activities are lined-up.

We're staying here at Island Cove for three days. Hmm.. the hotel is good and we're planning to make the most of the amenities on Saturday, day after the big day tomorrow.

And oh, traffic is really bad since earlier. So if you guys plans to come over, expect heavy traffic and more re-routing detours.

Gotta go to sleep! Busy day tomorrow!


For Keeps...

straight from the no-sleep-at-all birthday celebration of ysa, i met besty nikay and aw (the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. de Mata) for our dear Van's post birthday celebration. We headed all the way to Valenzuela together with the heavy rain and traffic. Ganyan ka namin ka labs vanvan!

Doland arrived after lunch. Pero nakahabol pa rin sya sa lunch. The food was soooo great. We're all super busog!

Its a good thing that nik and I had our vital measurement (for van's wedding) before having lunch. Coz we also tried to have a measurement after, and it added another 2 inches. grrrr!!!

Oh well, nik and I made it a point that on the first fitting, there would be a big adjustment kasi papayat na kami! heheheh!

here's some pics...

upon doland's arrival. 
panauhing pandangal ni vanny coz it was only during this time that she took pictures. hmft!
the food was soooo great. we're super busog to the max! thanks vanvan!

van-daei-nik: bestfriends for keeps!

the soon to be bride and groom + the bridesmaid and the groomsman

belated happy birthday besty!

And I am blessed that I have them.


Exactly the same month last year when a big change happened in my life. It was something that used to be so "beautiful". Someone touched my life and it made a difference. I probably had misunderstood him that we caused to part ways but after sometime we were able to bring it back together.

It was a long journey. We had our own separate road and eventually, it was just so unbelievable that after the long travel, we would find ourselves standing in our own road-end sharing a common pit-stop.

barely holding things together. struggling to make each own' relationship work.

but it doesn't.  we both failed.  we both left standing alone. and both of us, surprised to see each other after that long travelled road.

Both still have options to make. It is never too late anyway. We can still save ourselves from a more deeper hurt... if only we can both make a good decision.

And both hoping that pain would never happen again.

June 5, 2009... a triple celebration for:

Ysa's 21st birthday, Kyla's 9th birthday and Lalique's 7th month...

And we indeed made this day special.

A few weeks ago, Kyla asked for a special birthday gift -- A trip to Manila Ocean Park. And so, I, being the generous "ate" that I could ever be, granted her wish. I filed a leave at work to accompany her at Manila Ocean Park. I tagged along boyboy, her brother and my inaanak because he also has not been to the oceanarium.

It was raining so hard outside but that doesn't stopped us from going. 

First stop at Manila Ocean Park... It's good that they provide an umbrella when it rains.

a "merienda" at pancake house  after Manila Ocean Park trip.

At night, it was Ysa's celebration. Our friends (my ex-officemates) came over and spent an overnight drinking session with my homebase family.

Yup, we lasted until 6am. 

visit more pictures at my multiply site. :)

This is how I came into this detour:

Thursday - Saturday: I was in Pampanga for our 4th leg of Smart Pinoy event. I was supposed to go back to Manila that Saturday afternoon until I got a call from Minnie...


Saturday afternoon, went straight to Orani Bataan for a Petron Training. Followed by another station at Dinalupihan Bataan. Checked-in at Sheavens resort in Baloy, Zambales for the night.

Sunday, we had one station each to train, all in Olongapo City. Mine was inside the  Subic Freeport.

For lunch, we did a mystery dining at Teriyaki Boy in Subic :)

and then went back to Manila.

One good example of a perfect biglaang lakad... I dont even have any extra clothes for 2 days so minnie had to lend me her clothes.

Here's another pictorial moment at Sheavens:

Minnie and her alimango..

I love my sisig!


daei, jason and minnie.. just like how we are in Batangas.. :)

after dinner...

Visit my multiply site for more pics.


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