meet my new toy...

I named her Mickey.. (Because of my old macky + its a white) name courtesy of wisa.  I am actually thinking about the name mac-mac, but it sounds more of a boy. But then, I am more used to calling it macky.. although she is different this time...

Whatever her name would be, she is now my new baby... something i would call this time as My Own.

Still, I would never forget my first Macky.

We celebrated my farewell to my 1ISA family, my home for three (3) years, last March 25, at CLG's House.

I deeply thank everyone for making me a part of the family, moat especially our dear boss(es).. MDA and DLW. It was a wonderful experience working with you guys. Thank you for the continuous support that you are giving me.

To my friends, who have become my sisters and brothers, I would terribly miss the good old days. I will miss the friendship. But then, I am just still here. Im sure magkikita at magkikita pa rin tayo. Maliit lang ang mundo.

I have learned a lot from everyone and from everything that we've been through. 1ISA would always be here in my heart... forever.

See you around guys!!

and im returning you back...

tonight is our last night together.

i have loved you and for almost two years, we've been together...

i will miss you, terribly.

I will be having a new buddy you but you will always be my Macky that have witnessed most of the important moments of my life...

you take care. 

I hope that that someone who will be using you next will take good care of you as much as I did...

goodbye... :(

it has been a busy week for me since i started with EXCITE. 

It was a "ngaragan" time for Smart Pinoy event specially on the coming weeks. It was fun though... challenging.. and Im lovin' my new work...

Saturday, I travelled all the way to Calauag, Quezon for a Petron Installation Training. Yep, rumaraket pa rin ako kahit wala na ko sa previous work ko. It was a "balikan trip".. a 10-hours drive back and forth... one town na lang e Bicol na! buti na lang mabait si kuya driver and he lets me sleep all throughout the travel time...

Sunday was my time with my best girlfriends...had dinner at KKK MOA and then attended the Sunday Service.

It was tonight too, that I have finished my long overdue save-the-date card for my besty nikay's and aw's  upcoming exchange of I Do's.

A busy and toxic week is waiting for me.. sana kayanin pa ng powers ko...

My First Summer Getaway for 2009...

... can also be my pre-despidida thing to my younger sisters at the office. I am already starting my work with Excite, an events company while still in the final transition period at the office. 

March 13-15, 2009... Manio's Residence at Talisay Batangas.

It was indeed a super fun fun fun weekend for us. 


I am now officially with EXCITE, an events company owned buy my advertising professor wayback junior year in college. 

My first project: SMART PINOY "GALING PINOY" JOB AND FUN FAIR 2009. A 6-legs Roadshow that will run from April 18-June 12, simultaneously nationwide.

I am challenged and enjoying my new work. But yeah, I will still be with 1ISA until the end of the month. My soon-to-be former boss gave me all her blessings and support to my new found career. And there's a big possibility too, that I may have some events project with them in the future.

Will post more about my new home soon.

ang dami-daming...


Lord, di po ako nagrereklamo. In fact, I am so thankful for all these blessings. I know the reason why you gave me all of these. I only asked for one, and you gave me a thousand. Kasi, it's your way of strengthening my faith. To always and continuosly depend on you in every decisons that I have to make.

Please help me Lord, to handle all these things perfectly. Give me the light to arrive on the best decision... to which you know is the best for me. You are a very good and loving Father, and I am putting evrything in your will.

Thank you, dear God... for making me a blessed little girl. 


i am starting to get hooked on... well... WEB DESIGNING. Yep yep!!! to the next level na ito!

Yeah, maybe I am into blogging but I am used in doing it with a given template to work on. I mean, I could just search into tons of free blogger/blogspot templates online and then just apply the CSS codes to the user-friendly blogger dashboard of my account. 

Now its kinda different. I am hooked on creating and designing the whole of it. Iba pala yung ikaw mismo ang magdedesign! Aliw!  

Primarily because, my next job entails me to learn more about web design and then all the while when I am studying the basics, i just got hooked on it! I got inspired by the sites Dave (one of my workmates in my new job.. and a web guru *wink*) gave me. Nakakachallenge kasi. And it brought me back my inspiration into graphic designs... 

I am already working on some designs and, slowly, I am getting used to the language...the "tips and tricks". 

The trust given to me by these people in my new work really inspires and challenges me to do a more. I am really really flattered when they gave compliments to the initial project outputs I presented and seeing that they appreciated it gives me a little sense of accomplishment... and for me, this means a long long way to go.

I am hoping I could do my own personal blog template and then upload it here. Getting to know more on HTML and CSS is suicide, but definitely fun!


I have never felt so loved and blessed like this before.


We are called "The Mystery Diners". One of our clients, a big company that houses five of the most known restaurants hired our services to be their "secret agent" in checking and doing an occular to their resto's branches.

First Target: a cozy restaurant set in a backdrop of old movie posters, where plain and flavored pancakes and waffles were just the best to crave by anyone.

Armed with a hidden camera, we have to be just an ordinary customers having breakfast, lunch and dinner while doing observations and taking points from the checklist given to us.

So far, we already visited manila branches and last weekend, we invaded their Laguna and Tagaytay branches.

I am enjoying doing this project. Well at least, my last few days at this company would really be worth remembering. Diet is a no no. Plus, we have encountered some bad points with some the branches but in fairness, most of the branches naman passed the standards.

Personally, this resto is one of my favorites. Pero ngayon, mukang sususko na ko. As early as now, with about 7 branches visited (we are divided into 4 teams by the way), mukang naorder ko na yata lahat ng nasa menu nila and im pretty sure, after this project, mga ilang months bago ako kumain ulit dito.

Next target: the home of pugad baboy. (well, sana lang makasama pa ko. kahit na di na ko part of the company... hehehe!)

A day after I filed my resignation...

I feel so light-hearted already.  All the heavy baggage gone. And everythings seems to be going so well. 

More thant that, another blessing came. In the middle of the day, while I was collating and compiling my files for transition, my boss called and asked me...

... if i could consider an option of doing a retainer's work for creatives/graphic design requirements to them. instead of hiring a new man to replace me, why not try to do a retainer's job? she asked me if my new job would allow me to and then we'll work things out. After a while of weighing things, i accepted the offer. It wouldn't be a conflict anyway with my new-found job... I wouldn't be required to report at the office (of course, that is why t is called retainers, right?) and just drop by from time to time whenever there is a creative/collateral requirements.

meaning i have now... 2 jobs.  and i never felt so lucky like this. 

These, I owe up to Him. I never regret taking the risk and followed the sign that He gave me.

I am truly blessed, indeed.


Yup, I just filed my resignation earlier effective April 30th.  The reason? do i need to elaborate more? Well, I believe it is what I am supposed to do. After all, a great opportunity knocked in my door at the right time, when I most needed it. And the best thing to do is to grab it!

It was really another proof of God's great divine provision. This was an answered prayer. 

There are pros and cons in the transistions but all I have to do is to believe in my faith and trust His will.

I am about to start working with my new job while I am in the transition period. Part of the package was not being required to report to office everyday. It was an output-based job. 

There is a huge excitement inside me with this new job. And I can really sense a very positive vibes.

I am happy that I have the blessings and support of our dear MDA, our president to whom I am directly reporting for the past 3 years. She looks very much supportive when she talked to me earlier.

And if you are asking where my new home is... click here.

... yeah, it was a big surprise to everyone. I kept quiet until I finally decided. And i am pretty sure... 2 people are so happy knowing that I am leaving and that I wish them goodluck...

Two movies in a row -- CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC and HE'S NOT JUST THAT INTO YOU. I have been wanting to see these movies a lot! I kinda relate myself in both flick but I liked Shopaholic better though. I have read its complete series and just sooo loved it! He's not that just into you... well... its good yeah! but the paperback is better.


I already did a draft of what i have been wanting to do for the last couple of days. Well actually, it was months ago when i started the urge of writing it. It was just now that I decided and finally have the courage to do it.

There are pros and cons. But I have to trust my faith... and I AM trusting my faith. I believe that it was HIS great provision that led me to it and that gave me the courage to finally... take the risk.

Soon, full details will be posted.


The housewarming party of Bee and Henry last Friday was fun! It was a double celebration too of our dear MDA whose celebrating her birthday yesterday (March 1)

Pictures? Click here.


This week would be so tense... i have to finalize the draft and give it over to my boss...

goodluck, daei!

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