More Blessings

A day after I filed my resignation...

I feel so light-hearted already.  All the heavy baggage gone. And everythings seems to be going so well. 

More thant that, another blessing came. In the middle of the day, while I was collating and compiling my files for transition, my boss called and asked me...

... if i could consider an option of doing a retainer's work for creatives/graphic design requirements to them. instead of hiring a new man to replace me, why not try to do a retainer's job? she asked me if my new job would allow me to and then we'll work things out. After a while of weighing things, i accepted the offer. It wouldn't be a conflict anyway with my new-found job... I wouldn't be required to report at the office (of course, that is why t is called retainers, right?) and just drop by from time to time whenever there is a creative/collateral requirements.

meaning i have now... 2 jobs.  and i never felt so lucky like this. 

These, I owe up to Him. I never regret taking the risk and followed the sign that He gave me.

I am truly blessed, indeed.

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