I have never felt so loved and blessed like this before.


We are called "The Mystery Diners". One of our clients, a big company that houses five of the most known restaurants hired our services to be their "secret agent" in checking and doing an occular to their resto's branches.

First Target: a cozy restaurant set in a backdrop of old movie posters, where plain and flavored pancakes and waffles were just the best to crave by anyone.

Armed with a hidden camera, we have to be just an ordinary customers having breakfast, lunch and dinner while doing observations and taking points from the checklist given to us.

So far, we already visited manila branches and last weekend, we invaded their Laguna and Tagaytay branches.

I am enjoying doing this project. Well at least, my last few days at this company would really be worth remembering. Diet is a no no. Plus, we have encountered some bad points with some the branches but in fairness, most of the branches naman passed the standards.

Personally, this resto is one of my favorites. Pero ngayon, mukang sususko na ko. As early as now, with about 7 branches visited (we are divided into 4 teams by the way), mukang naorder ko na yata lahat ng nasa menu nila and im pretty sure, after this project, mga ilang months bago ako kumain ulit dito.

Next target: the home of pugad baboy. (well, sana lang makasama pa ko. kahit na di na ko part of the company... hehehe!)


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