Why this gurl is uber special to me???

~ She's the reason why I am here at 1ISA. Kung hindi sya nagresign, malamang wala akong trabaho ngayon. hahaha! Thanks to our common friend. Ending up para lang syang nag leave ng 6 months tapos ngayon, akalain mong magkasama na kame sa work???

~ She's my gym bud. Constant companion ko sa workout. Kaso ngayon, ewan ko sa kanya... ayaw na nya yata ako kasama... :-( sad...

~ We already deleted the word "away" on each other. Nang dahil sa isang super moment bonding dito sa strata, hah! it's more than what it takes para mag-away pa kami no!

~ We still have the moments to talk about "stuffs" which only the two of us understands.

~ We both like purple.

~ Both shopaholic.. at the same time kuripot.

~ Never judge her as "masungit".. I've learned my lesson... Unless you wanted her to act on you like that... (peace gurl!)

~ She has her own way of making me smile...

~ Dependable, supportive, will stand and fight for a friend...

~ And best of all, she's the sweetest, kindest, friend we all luckily have...

I love you eka and I will always be thankful to HIM for having you a part of my life. Im here to always support, listen and understand you



had another photo shoot for CIBO earlier, in time for lunch. :-)

these are the products that we took and apparently, ending up as our lunch too!!!

~ uva nera, panino praga, cafe mocha, ossobuco and pasta alfonso~

ang sarappp ... syempre libre!!!!

well... just one of the jouys of having this job.



oopppsss.. i know i forgot! forgiveness!!!!

thanks my besty nikay for this post. I really appreciate it. so much! labchoo bespren!!!!

to besty van, for the nice red blouse, the purple clip and keychain.. and for the great cd!
thanks a lot!

and to my asenso pinoy family! salamat sa lahat ng pag-uunawa and for making me your baby! *wink*


to all those who have been part of celebrating my 26th year of existence...

~ to HIM up above for always showering me with countelss blessings and love. For another year to live by... another chance to do good and inprove on my weaknesses. For giving me wonderful people and friends who loved and supports me. It was to HIM whom I offered everything I have now...

~ to my cousin ysa.. for the spaghetti we had on the eve of my birthday. Kuya jay, ate jo, kuya olan for celebrating the "salubong" of my birthday

~ to besty cleng who also celebrated her birthday the day before mine. thanx for the cute silver bracelet. I hope you would also bring the one I gave you on your flight to the states. I will truly miss you besty.

~ to my 1ISA family. Where I celebrated my birthday the wholed
ay. To everyone.. erika, minnie, bee, ms bong, ms cheng, sir jem, sir van, sir raul...thanks for the wonderful purple blouse. I really loved it. Ms Cel, for the May kate and Ashley shower kit. Thanks for the love and the feeling of belongingness in this second home. Sir Jem for the softdrinks *wink*
~ To bee and bespren nikay for your YM status message... :-)

~ to sir john and arwin, my dear suppliers who sends the oh-so-delicious cake.... it was so great!!!

~ to all those who send their happy birthday message!!!! thanks for remembering...

~ and of course... to that very special person whom I spent the entire night with... the dinner, the movie, the nice talk... making everything so memorable.

..........just for the record, THE COUNTDOWN STRIKES RIGHT!!!! it was the best birthday gift ever!!!

did I forgot anyone???

here are some of the pics from my 1ISA birthday...


today, im celebrating the 1st year anniversary of my 25th year of existence here on earth....

meaning... 26 na ko!!!! syet!

anyhoo... please... just to this day... don't spoil my day....

at dahil ilang oras na lang matatapos na ang countdown para sa deadline ko, sana it would strike right!!!

*big grin*


just when i said... "nothing can spoil my day..."

then suddenly....

there is....


of all people...

why can't some people be considerate enought to think of other people's need once in a while? Why can't just they be sensitive enough to know that there are others too who needs help more than them?

Selfishness? Laziness? Or just simply a mere choice of not taking any effort at all?

Nakakasama ng loob...

(buti na lang ngayon nangyari to.. at hindi bukas)

~ Meeting up after graduation (wayback 2000)... Alex is the same kuya we've know back then.. this time more excited on becoming a daddy!~

Ayan, so we don't have to forget all the Saturdays of the year? *wink*

Thanks for the great (as in great) dinner and for the ride home! :-) See you soon!


What I did on the weekend...

- Didn't make it to my bro's thanksgivin party. Im so tired and wanted to rest. Stayed home the whole day burning myself on my bed.

- Had a new haircut and nail treatment (for a change.. hehehe!)

-Went to the gym fo a little cardio and then headed to Megamall with Ysa.

- Monday.. spent my whole day at Asenso Pinoy for a project. Dropped by the gym on the afternoon for a supposed-to-be cross-training na hindi natuloy kasi time constraints daw. Ended up doing a 20-mins handbike and another 20-mins stepper

- Sad.. coz im supposed to finalize the project with Asenso but since they still lack some materials, ayun! to be continued next week.... sana tapos na by now...

2 DAYS NA LANG!!!!!!

its gonna be a loooong weekend!!!


hmmm.. busy week coming up...

im excited!!!


2 days na since wednesday night...

bakit ganun? :-(


Its a wednesday and my mind is looking forward to the coming week ahead. It would be what I would claim as "my week" and Im hoping it to be more than just an ordinary day. Realizing my countdown for a major change that im hoping to happen (which I ended up after a day) now seems to be working its way again. Though not being pessimistic about it, im still in a state of whether to disregard the thought or not.

I remember last night's chat with Erika while on our way to the train station going home, it would be a make or break day. Defining the term "Likas", "Ubod" and "Likas na Ubod" ng tanga. Talking about a person whom I giving the countdown deadline to. Would we cosider him as likas? ubod? or likas na ubod? We can't figure out the difference of the three but we're pretty sure we'll knew it after that countdown deadline. Just then I have one prayer on my mind... sana magdilang-anghel ka erika! hahaha!

Then I also realize my state of health. I should be attending to my thyroid problem now. But what am I doing? Im taking it forgranted. Ooops! maybe I should say I am making an excuse. That im going to attend to it after next week. Mageenjoy muna ako. Ok lang?

So far, here's some activities that I am into... so far eto pa lang. Dont know yet kung meron pa. Plus considering im on a tight budget. Kaya mostly dito (or lahat yata), di ako ang gagastos. But i know I should also be ready though.

* Saturday. A get-together night with besty Van, Alex and hopefully Nikay at TGIF West Avenue, which according to alex, kapag di pa natuloy, forget all the saturdays of this year. This was planned long before pa kasi and everytime na lang napopostpone. Buti na lang ngayon naset na. hehehe! Rain or shine, wala na daw urungan! Hmm... Alex, treat mo ba? hehehe!

* Sunday. A thanksgiving and victory party of my brother and sister-in-law for passing the opto board exam at their house in Pampanga. I still don't know if I could come... since plans for the week are still so clattered. But I wil really try to be there. I am missing everybody there too. Especially my 2 cute pamangkins. Plus there could be and advance celebration for me too!! Of course courteousy of my daddy! haha!

* Monday. No work. Its a long weekend. Erika and I plans to go to Fitness ABSCBN para maiba naman environment ng workout namin. Which is a good idea for both of us. Why? Sikreto! hahaa!

* Tuesday. No plans yet. Anybody who has a good idea, please let me know.

* Wednesday. My Besty Cleng's birthday. Kung hindi busy sa office I would definitely head to her home after work. It was a yearly ritual. Lalo na ngayon, that she's leaving for the states this year. This could be our last birthday together kasi matatagalan sila sa states. Sad.. :(

* Thursday. The most special thursday of the year for me. Looking forward to it. Thanking God for another year and for granting my very wish for that day. God is so good to me that he gave me what I wished for even before that day. (Aside from being at the office the whole day), im spending it with a super-uber-corny-kulit but special person.

* Friday would definitely be a time for my family. I wish daddy could drop a visit, making my week complete. Plans of a night-out at Bagaberde or Pier 1. But no final plans yet...

And after these....


it will all depends whether the countdown strikes right... and if not....

i dunno....


Been so busy the past week, I haven't been able to update. It has been a week.

It was spelled as S-T-R-E-S-S!

mental, physical, environment, name it! It was a toxic week that passed.

--- Finishing concept studies of a Christmas Reward Catalogue for a bank client. Well, syempre hindi lang isang study to.. I need to present at least three studies... three versions... both cover page and inside pages. Well, with Erika's rescuing power, we were able t
o submit the studies last friday.... on the last minute.. and now, i am currently reading all the comments and revisions inputs of our boss... which is not quite a "majot revision" but still, we have to do some retouching...meaning, toxic na naman ang araw na to.

--- I will be having a photoshoot for another bank client's newsletter later. Need to have a facade image and their staffs. Take note, im doing this all by myself.. huhuhu! well at least makakalabas ako ng office...a consolation after all..

--- Saturday was the happiest day of the week that passed. Why? hah! leave it to me.. moment ko yun e!

--- A lazy Sunday... burned myseld on the tube and my dvd player. Watched this movie... Kayalang.. hindi ako natuwa..

--- Finished reading this. Great novel. Far better that The Da Vinci Code.

--- 10 days to go... I hope a mojor change would happen...Im crossing my fingers.. but still not expecting.

1ISA & Quali gurls...
(sya yung naka stripes na green and white beside me)

~cheng, bong, d bday gurl, minnie, moi & erika~
(busog na po kami nyan!)

tsarap tsarap ng food!!
we loove it!


i would just say... IT'S REALLY WORTH IT...


kinder na naman ako kanina...

pagkatapos naming mag lunch ni erika sa food jungle dyan sa may strata 2000, dumaan kami ng mini stop para bumili ng ice cream...

habang ineejoy ko ang ice cream, di ko namalayan na natutuluan na pala ang blouse ko! Bad trip!! Puti pa naman!

Kaya eto... la akong choice kundi hubarin at labhan dito sa pantry naman. Buti na lang may cardigan ako na black...zinipper ko pataas para magmuka naman akong wholesome...

kaya ayun at nakasampay ang blouse ko... nakatutok sa electric fan... na kelangan matuyo dahil may photo shoot uli mamaya sa makati..



Lech talaga!

May mga tao talagang malabong kausap... yung tipong sala sa init, sala sa lamig...

Ang hirap tantsahin! Di mo alam kung ano ba talaga ang trip sa buhay...

Paparamdam tapos biglang deadma...


my epitaph


Here's a BIG SHOUTOUT to my everdearest Brother and Sister-In-Law!!!!

Congratulations Dan and Lyn!!!!


.... my wish to be your lucky charm has somehow came true... hehehehe!!!!....

definitely, this calls for a BIG celebration...

so, when would it be? *wink*


Yey! Nakalabas ako ng office!!!

Went to GUMBO at Mall of Asia with Bianca for a photoshoot of their featured recipe in line of our M HERE program of Metrobank. They call it Chicken Gambalaya (Left) and Asian Shrimp (Right). In fairness, the foods are great! Syempre, after we took the pictures, pinakain na rin sa amin. Sino ba naman kami para hindian??? Ako? tatanggi sa shrimp?? No Way!

And, aside sa foods, syempre dapat kami rin!

We stayed there till 6pm and since im already around the area.. I headed straight home...

Hay... sarap!!!!


going to the gym has been a part of my daily ritual

more than anything else, I found it as a stress-releasing activity for me, not to mention the health benefits that it gives me... and my body.

I have met new people... new character.. that somehow brought some colors to my life... giving me motivations and inspirations... smiles and laughter sometimes.

Gym is my theraphy... my second home...

The same way im glad im inspiring other people too...or at least in some little ways, i did.

say for example this...

Me and bianca just came from a lunchbreak. Our president is having her lunch at the office with erika and sir jem when suddenly i heard her say.. "Daisy, come here.. o yeah.. look wala ka na ngang tyan. How long have you been into the gym?" I said.. "ma'am since april.. 4 months." And she said "look, ang laki na nga ng pinayat mo". And then asking me how much weight did i lost since i started.

from 135 lbs down to 123 now, i guess it's quite an achievement.

And guess what, that very moment.. right after having her lunch, she asked me and erika to accompany her at the gym, to take a look at the facilities and to inquire how to have a corporate account...

and now, 1ISA has its account at fitness first!

ngayon pa lang naiimagine ko na ang pagiinvade ng 1ISA sa gym!



Sa dami ng dapat isipin, di ko na alam kung ano ang uunahin ko.

Gulong gulo na ko...

Mga bagay na sobrang seryoso.. pero meron din namang mababaw..

still.. can't help na mawindang sa sobrang dami...

Hay, life!


and there they were...

together for another moment...

this time more private... more sincere... more heartfelt...

how she'd wish time would stop... cherishing every second...

and he seems to be feeling the same way too...

asking her to stay, for a moment more...

but neither have the guts to tell...

both pretending...


but until when?

Despite the cold breeze of a saturday the morning, when it was supposed to be a rest day for everyone,when I should still be cuddling my pillow under my favorite blanket, I have to get up early for a whole day orientation and seminar conducted by or dear office for the new employees. Discussing the rules, policies, benefits, mission vision, etc...

Met erika at Starbucks Shang around 8:20 am. Call time at our Warehouse office was 8:30. Haha! Arrived there at exactly 8:30 and still we are one of the early birds. Buti na lang! Orientaton started at around 9am and done by 3pm.

Well, it was fun though... beneficial for everyone. Everybody was fed well (sarap ng food!!!!). Questions, inquiries and clarifications answered.

Pero, eto ang panalo sa araw na to...


Yan ang sinabi sakin ni Erika.

In the middle of the orientation we both felt the urgency of visiting our "bestfriend" here at Strata. As much as we wanted to control it, emergency calls and we cannot do anything about it but to raise our hands and tell our boss that we need to go out and be back as soon as possible. I guess he doesn't have any choice though but to allow us to go.. hehehe!

So here we are, erika driving as fast as she can...and as soon as we arrive at Strata, we are really, really, really greatful to be with our "bestfriend"... the first friendly bonding that we have... a memorable one... hehehehe!


Since the orientation ended up earlier as expected, I decided to go to the gym for some cardio thing.

So there I was, doing a 20 mins on the stepper and then sat on the handbike for a suppose to be another 20 minutes when mawel, one of the instructor approaced me...

mawel: "daei, sali kita ha..."
daei: "san?"
mawel: "endurance challenge"
daei: "huwaattt? ano gagawin ko dun?"
mawel: "simple lang. partner tayo. cardio and muscle exercise lang. pag nanalo tayo free one month mebership."
daei: "sino sino kasali"
mawel: " 6 teams dapat. basta sali kita ha. partner tayo."

Challenged and thinking that it was fun, I said yes...

And it was... an absolutely graet experience ever...

The challenge:

ROWING - 1,500 km
PUSH-UPS - 50 reps
BIKE - 3 km
SIT-UPS - 50 reps

Mawel did the Rowing, Sit-ups, and the treadmill. I did the Push-ups and the bike. Well, im proud to say I was the first to finish the 50 reps push-ups. Dito nga yata kami lumamang e. weheee!!!

Sad, we were only on the second place. With only 2 minutes difference from the winning team. Sayang talaga. Pero ok lang, it was really fun!

And now, ramdam ko ang pain sa upper body ko. Epekto ng endurance challenege... hehehe!

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