going to the gym has been a part of my daily ritual

more than anything else, I found it as a stress-releasing activity for me, not to mention the health benefits that it gives me... and my body.

I have met new people... new character.. that somehow brought some colors to my life... giving me motivations and inspirations... smiles and laughter sometimes.

Gym is my theraphy... my second home...

The same way im glad im inspiring other people too...or at least in some little ways, i did.

say for example this...

Me and bianca just came from a lunchbreak. Our president is having her lunch at the office with erika and sir jem when suddenly i heard her say.. "Daisy, come here.. o yeah.. look wala ka na ngang tyan. How long have you been into the gym?" I said.. "ma'am since april.. 4 months." And she said "look, ang laki na nga ng pinayat mo". And then asking me how much weight did i lost since i started.

from 135 lbs down to 123 now, i guess it's quite an achievement.

And guess what, that very moment.. right after having her lunch, she asked me and erika to accompany her at the gym, to take a look at the facilities and to inquire how to have a corporate account...

and now, 1ISA has its account at fitness first!

ngayon pa lang naiimagine ko na ang pagiinvade ng 1ISA sa gym!


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