Why this gurl is uber special to me???

~ She's the reason why I am here at 1ISA. Kung hindi sya nagresign, malamang wala akong trabaho ngayon. hahaha! Thanks to our common friend. Ending up para lang syang nag leave ng 6 months tapos ngayon, akalain mong magkasama na kame sa work???

~ She's my gym bud. Constant companion ko sa workout. Kaso ngayon, ewan ko sa kanya... ayaw na nya yata ako kasama... :-( sad...

~ We already deleted the word "away" on each other. Nang dahil sa isang super moment bonding dito sa strata, hah! it's more than what it takes para mag-away pa kami no!

~ We still have the moments to talk about "stuffs" which only the two of us understands.

~ We both like purple.

~ Both shopaholic.. at the same time kuripot.

~ Never judge her as "masungit".. I've learned my lesson... Unless you wanted her to act on you like that... (peace gurl!)

~ She has her own way of making me smile...

~ Dependable, supportive, will stand and fight for a friend...

~ And best of all, she's the sweetest, kindest, friend we all luckily have...

I love you eka and I will always be thankful to HIM for having you a part of my life. Im here to always support, listen and understand you



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