to all those who have been part of celebrating my 26th year of existence...

~ to HIM up above for always showering me with countelss blessings and love. For another year to live by... another chance to do good and inprove on my weaknesses. For giving me wonderful people and friends who loved and supports me. It was to HIM whom I offered everything I have now...

~ to my cousin ysa.. for the spaghetti we had on the eve of my birthday. Kuya jay, ate jo, kuya olan for celebrating the "salubong" of my birthday

~ to besty cleng who also celebrated her birthday the day before mine. thanx for the cute silver bracelet. I hope you would also bring the one I gave you on your flight to the states. I will truly miss you besty.

~ to my 1ISA family. Where I celebrated my birthday the wholed
ay. To everyone.. erika, minnie, bee, ms bong, ms cheng, sir jem, sir van, sir raul...thanks for the wonderful purple blouse. I really loved it. Ms Cel, for the May kate and Ashley shower kit. Thanks for the love and the feeling of belongingness in this second home. Sir Jem for the softdrinks *wink*
~ To bee and bespren nikay for your YM status message... :-)

~ to sir john and arwin, my dear suppliers who sends the oh-so-delicious cake.... it was so great!!!

~ to all those who send their happy birthday message!!!! thanks for remembering...

~ and of course... to that very special person whom I spent the entire night with... the dinner, the movie, the nice talk... making everything so memorable.

..........just for the record, THE COUNTDOWN STRIKES RIGHT!!!! it was the best birthday gift ever!!!

did I forgot anyone???

here are some of the pics from my 1ISA birthday...

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  1. chummy said...
    daei, happy burrday! :D

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