Its a wednesday and my mind is looking forward to the coming week ahead. It would be what I would claim as "my week" and Im hoping it to be more than just an ordinary day. Realizing my countdown for a major change that im hoping to happen (which I ended up after a day) now seems to be working its way again. Though not being pessimistic about it, im still in a state of whether to disregard the thought or not.

I remember last night's chat with Erika while on our way to the train station going home, it would be a make or break day. Defining the term "Likas", "Ubod" and "Likas na Ubod" ng tanga. Talking about a person whom I giving the countdown deadline to. Would we cosider him as likas? ubod? or likas na ubod? We can't figure out the difference of the three but we're pretty sure we'll knew it after that countdown deadline. Just then I have one prayer on my mind... sana magdilang-anghel ka erika! hahaha!

Then I also realize my state of health. I should be attending to my thyroid problem now. But what am I doing? Im taking it forgranted. Ooops! maybe I should say I am making an excuse. That im going to attend to it after next week. Mageenjoy muna ako. Ok lang?

So far, here's some activities that I am into... so far eto pa lang. Dont know yet kung meron pa. Plus considering im on a tight budget. Kaya mostly dito (or lahat yata), di ako ang gagastos. But i know I should also be ready though.

* Saturday. A get-together night with besty Van, Alex and hopefully Nikay at TGIF West Avenue, which according to alex, kapag di pa natuloy, forget all the saturdays of this year. This was planned long before pa kasi and everytime na lang napopostpone. Buti na lang ngayon naset na. hehehe! Rain or shine, wala na daw urungan! Hmm... Alex, treat mo ba? hehehe!

* Sunday. A thanksgiving and victory party of my brother and sister-in-law for passing the opto board exam at their house in Pampanga. I still don't know if I could come... since plans for the week are still so clattered. But I wil really try to be there. I am missing everybody there too. Especially my 2 cute pamangkins. Plus there could be and advance celebration for me too!! Of course courteousy of my daddy! haha!

* Monday. No work. Its a long weekend. Erika and I plans to go to Fitness ABSCBN para maiba naman environment ng workout namin. Which is a good idea for both of us. Why? Sikreto! hahaa!

* Tuesday. No plans yet. Anybody who has a good idea, please let me know.

* Wednesday. My Besty Cleng's birthday. Kung hindi busy sa office I would definitely head to her home after work. It was a yearly ritual. Lalo na ngayon, that she's leaving for the states this year. This could be our last birthday together kasi matatagalan sila sa states. Sad.. :(

* Thursday. The most special thursday of the year for me. Looking forward to it. Thanking God for another year and for granting my very wish for that day. God is so good to me that he gave me what I wished for even before that day. (Aside from being at the office the whole day), im spending it with a super-uber-corny-kulit but special person.

* Friday would definitely be a time for my family. I wish daddy could drop a visit, making my week complete. Plans of a night-out at Bagaberde or Pier 1. But no final plans yet...

And after these....


it will all depends whether the countdown strikes right... and if not....

i dunno....


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