~ Meeting up after graduation (wayback 2000)... Alex is the same kuya we've know back then.. this time more excited on becoming a daddy!~

Ayan, so we don't have to forget all the Saturdays of the year? *wink*

Thanks for the great (as in great) dinner and for the ride home! :-) See you soon!


What I did on the weekend...

- Didn't make it to my bro's thanksgivin party. Im so tired and wanted to rest. Stayed home the whole day burning myself on my bed.

- Had a new haircut and nail treatment (for a change.. hehehe!)

-Went to the gym fo a little cardio and then headed to Megamall with Ysa.

- Monday.. spent my whole day at Asenso Pinoy for a project. Dropped by the gym on the afternoon for a supposed-to-be cross-training na hindi natuloy kasi time constraints daw. Ended up doing a 20-mins handbike and another 20-mins stepper

- Sad.. coz im supposed to finalize the project with Asenso but since they still lack some materials, ayun! to be continued next week.... sana tapos na by now...

2 DAYS NA LANG!!!!!!


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