Just booked my flight to Davao on June 4-8. 

My second time on that city... 5 days of work and fun... 


I am Daddy's little girl and I will always be... this is what he always tells me.. even until now. 

I am very blessed to have a Daddy like you. We may not be together that often but I have always treasured our memories together. I missed you more everyday. Hope we could get together soon... I know we will. 

I always thank God for giving me a father in you. Thanks for all the kindness and love. We've been closer now and since Mommy left, you're the only shoulder that's left for me. And you never failed to give that on many times I needed it.

I am excited to spend the weekend with you.. and I wouldn't exchange that moment for anything else.

and I will always be your little girl...


Just arrived from my Butuan-Surigao Trip..

Well, there's nothing much to say about the trip. The planned Siargao Experience didn't pushed through because of time constraint. It was just when we are in Surigao when we finally confirmed the actual travel time from Surigao to Siargao.

It would take us 3-4 hours (ferry ride) going to Dapa in Siargao. And from there, it's a 2-hour land travel going to the surfing area. In which to estimate, would eat 5-6 hours of travel. We arrived in Surigao Sunday afternoon. The ferry going to Siargao leaves at 4am the next day. And we have to be back in Manila today, Tuesday.

No chance at all..

But we had a good time anyway. Here's what we did:

At Butuan City, we stayed  at Almont Hotel which we loved so much. And at Surigao, we stayed at Philippine Gateway Hotel (which is also good.. be we loved Almont better! hahahaha!)

Since we cannot have the Siargao thing, we just went to Mabua Pebble Beach and the Floating Village at Surigao City. 

And food trip at both cities!

You would be amazed on how clear the water is at Mabua Pebble Beach. Dinaig and Boracay sa linaw at linis ng tubig! though of course there is no sand along the beach.. mostly rocks. But it's really beautiful. And it has a beautiful sunset view.

The Mabua Pebble Beach...

Crystal-Clear Water... Amazing!!!

Blissful Sunset

We just spent the entire trip on food trip... that's why, kelangan kong mangarag sa workout ngayon... We tried eating at Mama Aida's, Weegols, and Mario's Grill. Mario's was the best among all the food trips that we had...

@ Weegols. We had their specialty Chicken Inasal, Mixed Seafoods,
Chicken Skin, Fresh Buko and Buko Halo.

Dinner at Philippine Gateway Hotel...
Thats spareribs on garlic, big tortang talong and the terrific fried rice

We also had ourselves pampered with a Body Scrub, Whole Body Massage and Foot Relax... Super Sarrraaappp!!!!

Next week i'll be flying to Davao... Hoping to have more adventure there...

i am doing my last few minutes of going online before i leave for Surigao. This time I won't be bringing macky with me (sigh!).  One, I have to travel light. Bringing macky would mean another hand carry baggage with me. Second, Kyla would be left alone in the house. She requested me to leave macky with her, and since she's left on her last week of vacation, i'd better give in to her request.

I would be back on Tuesday afternoon... and then stay here for another day then leave for Davao on Thursday. Macky again will be left alone here...


I am excited! not for the Petron Training but for the Siargao Experience. 

My flight is scheduled at 5am later and I'll be at Butuan City by 7am. Siargao is scheduled on Monday. 

I hope me and ms. jean would have a great time together...

stories and pics soon...

ciao for now!! be back again super soon!


just came home from a girl's night-out (with my office girl friends) at Bugsy's. The newly opened bar and resto of our dear Martin whom we fondly call as "Bugs" (obviously, its where the name of his bar came from). It is located along Metrowalk, beside MC Home Depot.

It is now undergoing its soft-dry-run operation. We thought of dropping by to check it out and as a little gesture of support. As of now, it only serves drinks and cocktails, a little of snack.. but no heavy meals yet. Hopefully soon, more menus will come out.

us with martin

The place is ok... cool ambiance... terrific food! They offered us this salmon pasta for a taste test and it definitely tastes good!

We also had cocktails and a little of beer. And, their prices are so cheap!

You guys might wanna drop by... its worth the try.

and oh by the way, its the first night out wherein nobody among us girls is undergoing a post-breakup thingy. *wink*

Say It Again

i found myself playing this song again and again... last night while at the gym, on my way home and on my way at the office this morning...

i just love it!!

Song lyrics | Say It Again lyrics

Just booked our (me and ms. jean) flight to Butuan City this coming weekend. :-)

From Butuan City, I'll travel 3-4 hours goind to Bislig and San Francisco for the first day. 

Second day, i'll be at Bayugan and Buenavista. After that, we'll go straight to Surigao City and spend the night there in preparation for...

the SIARGAO Experience!!!!

and I can't wait!!!

*big wide grin*

surigao, agusan and butuan - davao - quezon

all before the end of the month....

lagare na naman!!!

Celebrated here at the house, in time for his vacation... Not much were invited. It was just the family, jaymie and kit...

A simple dinner -- spaghetti, fried chicken and leche flan. For the main event : 1 case of san mog light, 2 bottles of matador, steamed and garlic tilapia..

Cake by jaymie and kit. 

Ending: Lahat plakda! Like this pic below. Mukang si kit lasing na kasi ginawa na nyang lababao ang sala... para mag toothbrush.. hehehehe

empty bottles.. parang dinaanan lang ng bagyo...

me, kit, junel, boy and joel.. starting to get sober

Just one of the best times we had together...

I woke up today with a bit of hang-over from last night's drinking session. The thought of the discussion we had last night suddenly hits me this morning... all about settling down..

See, we will very soon have a little baby here in the house. My cousin is due on november. And she's only 20. Her boyfriend -- 19. Too young to start a new family... though they don't have any plans of marrying  yet, still, its the only thing that missing. They are both supported by their parents. She's with us and he lives just a block away. There's no issue whatsoever. Its just that, every time that the topic hits settling down, it would end up fingers pointing on me.

First thing that they will say: "28 ka na! kelan mo balak magpakasal? o mag-aasawa ka pa ba? baka tumanda ka nang dalaga nyan???"

Its an open book. I just had my heart broken. We are almost set for it -- the marriage. It was about to be planned. But death separated our ways. And I cannot do anything about it.  In which, up until now, I am still holding on to the memories and I am finding myself hard to move on. Every now and then I still pays visit to his grave and spent time with his family. I still listen to the songs that reminds me of him. Every now and then, I am still looking at our pictures. It has been almost 6 months but the pain is still fresh. 

After what happened I became AFRAID. I dunno what exactly am I afraid of but maybe its the fear of being left and be hurt again. I tried dating with other guys, but it doesn't effect. 

Plus the situation that my cousin is in right now. Seeing her not ready in more aspects -- emotional, physical and financial. 

His death makes me realize a lot of things. It makes me grow further and understand things better.

Then I would just tell them: "E, bahala na si God. Let His will be done. Kung mag-aasawa e di mag-aasawa. Kung hinde, hmm... e di hinde. Ayoko na ipilit. Baka mas lalong mapasama"

And then comes my principle: Noone's in a rush to settle down just for the sake of settling down. It's about being ready, being capable. 

i am posting this after a bottle of "matador" together with my cousin boyboy and cousin-in-law joel...

just tought of going online for a break... im kinda tipsy...

but yeah, im still on my mind... "matino pa ako"... *wink*

i joined the "matador" session because:

---> i missed him. so much. the though of him makes me stop for a while and think of all the memories we had.

---> my dad dropped by earlier. its just so quick. but i appreciate it so much. mas matagal pa yung travel time nya going here than the time he stayed. still, it was an effort. and i terribly missed him. he promised to be back on my mom's death anniversary next month.

----> again, i missed Marlo. I kept on reading his last text messages to me... It's been so long since he left...

----> went to the grocery earlier to shop for stuffs needed for boy-boy's birthday tomorrow.. umaatikabong inuman na naman to for sure...

---> i called in sick at the office earlier. Just to make time for my dad's visit.

and really, i can feel there's something missing. i dunno what... i am not completely... happy.

Finally, after two weeks of craving..

I had my Racks Baby Back Ribs for dinner! Together with my best buds John and Wisa. 

I haven't got the chance to take a pic of it because I was so excited! I just realized it when I'm almost done eating...

Thanks Wisa and John for giving in to my pangungulit for this dinner! 


Mothers will always be our number one fan... "the last woman standing".... 

I miss my mom. Terribly. Now, more than ever, I am wishing she's here. It has been almost  6 years since she left...

She's the "wind beneath my wings", my bestfriend, my sister, my confidante, my partner-in-crime. For me, she's the best mom ever. She taught me a lot... and she gave me everything that I need.

All her sacrifices for makes me really guilty... those sacrifices in exchange for my happiness.

We've been through a lot... happy and sad times. Sometimes with misunderstandings but at the end of the day, we would share this laughter, more than as mother and daughter.

Everyday, she's still on my mind. Most of the times we meet in my dreams, still sharing the laughter. She's very happy now, with our Big Daddy...

And mom, I just want you to know that your little girl down here terribly misses you and yes, she's still the same girl you knew... but a bit grown-up now, i guess..

Thanks for your love mommy... that wouldn't be replaced by anyone. You will and no one can take your place as my mom... 

I will see you soon... and thanks for watching over me...



Haven't been to the gym for a week now... I thought I could have some cardio and a little free weights when i get back from Romblon but because of some unexpected "occurrences", i skipped working out. Hopefully I could have the entire week next week for it.

I miss sweating out!!


I want RACK's Baby Back Ribs! I am craving for it for a week now. Di bale sa Friday day dun kami dinner ni Wisa and John.. sana makasama na rin si Rhey-an... Looking forward to it!!!

Arrived back in Manila earlier, 5:00 am.

As I mentioned on my previous post, this was my first time to see the island of Romblon. My point of destination is the town of Odiongan in Tablas Island, where the Petron Mini Bulk Plant is located. Then im heading straight to Cajidiocan, Sibuyan to visit my tita and to see my cousin-cum-godson to serve during the priest ordination.

I left Manila 12pm to Batangas Port. Arrived there at around 3:30 pm. Still early for the 5pm schedule of departure. There I bought my ticket bound straight to Odiongan Romblon via MV Matilde of Montenegro Shipping Lines. My first time to travel via ship. I am really nervous, since I would be all by myself during the entire travel. I decided to take the deluxe room, thinking that I would have a comfortable trip all the way...

4:30 pm when the p.a announced the boarding. The moment I set my foot at the entrance of the ship, i knew this is not what I expect it to be. As  I entered into the "de luxe" section, this is the environment that welcomed me...

More than 100 double decks side by side for 100 passengers. I almost wanted to back-off. "How am I going to survive this in 8 hours?" Worst, my bed assignment was on the upper deck, in which i can already touch the ceiling. If only I knew, I should've requested for the lower deck instead. I never knew I could request anyway...

What I did was, went up to my bed, ate my Mc Chicken and then immediately went outside the room and explored the ship. In time for sunset, I just enjoyed the view of the sea, sky and the islands we are passing.

sunset view from the ship...

the captain's cabin...

the sea's view from where I am on the ship...

Our expected time of arrival at Odiongan was 2:00 am. Luckily, we were 2 1/2 hours early. We arrived there at around 12:30am. I was fetched by Tatang Fred, one of the drivers of Mr. Pen Tan, the Petron dealer and according to some, was one of the richest man in Romblon. This I really think is true because most of the establishment and businesses there was operated and owned by him. I stayed at Rencio's Resort, also owned by Mr. Tan. They gave me a huge room -- with sala set, tv, cable and a BIG BIG Bed. .

I conducted the Petron Training around 8am and it lasted for one hour. After the training, I have nothing else to do. I thought of exploring the town but after few hours I realized, nalibot ko na yata yung buong bayan. It was just a small town pero it was the most developed town in the whole Romblon. So I have no choice but to stay at the hotel and just sleep. After all, I am scheduled to leave 4am the next day for Cajidioccan.

Taken while inside the tricycle...

The next day, I was accompanied again by Tatang Fred to Poctoy Port for my next trip to Cajidiocan. As early as 4am, we are already at the pier because the scheduled time of departure was 5am. Unfortunately, there's a delay and the ship arrived at around 6:30 and we left at around 7:30 am. Estimated time of arrival at Cajidiocan: 12:00pm.

Mary The Queen
This is where I rode bound to Cajidiocan

The Petron Station. Yan ang sinadya ko sa bayang to. 

From Odiongan, there's a stop-over at Romblon, Romblon. This is the main capital of the Island and where you can buy the cheapest marble products. 

Port of Romblon

Romblon, Romblon

After 5 hours, I finally set my foot at Sibuyan Island. The hometown of my dear Tito Emil and where Tita Malou is waiting for me. They have been asking me to visit their place for a long time now and since now that I have the chance, I wont let it slipped and just grab the opportunity. Though I only stayed there for a very short time, less than a day to be exact, I definitely enjoyed the activities I experienced while im in there.

Distant view of Sibuyan Island

I have witnessed for the first time an ordination ceremony. All priest around the region gather together to extend their blessing on the newly ordained priests.

It was also my first time to see my dear cousin-cum-inaanak wearing his "sutana" and to see him serve on the ceremony. He was the next in line to be ordained... out first ever priest in the family.

Thanksgiving party followed after the ceremony held at the town's municipal social hall. Umaapaw sa pagkain!

Then at night me and my cousin took a plunge on the nearby beach. It was just a few walks away from their house. They call it "baybay". White sand! Parang boracay ang tubig. Libre pa!! 

The next day, we left early for the trip back in Manila. Left Sibuyan Island at around 10am and then arrived in Manila 4am the next day. Ganun katagal ang byahe! Kakapagod pero enjoy naman.

Roblon was really one of the places here in the Philippines that we should truly be proud of. 

Isa lang ang wish ko.. sana magkaron na ng airport dun para pwede na mag airplane.. ayoko na sumakay ng barko...

I'm back!

from Romblon!

will post stories and pics soon.. I just need to catch-up with work...


it was so sudden...

isa ka sa mga pinakastrong na tao na nakilala ko...

lahat ng mga sinabi mo sakin tandang tanda ko pa...

nung time na nawala si marlo sa akin, ikaw ang isa sa mga taong nagmotivate sakin para mag move on..

pero, bakit bigla kang sumunod sa knya?

si ba papasok pa tayo sa Big Brother House?

Mag aaply ka pa dito sa amin?

Yung inuman na di natuloy tuloy, papano na?

May INQ TV Reunion pa di ba? di mo man lang hinintay...

I will always cherish and treasure the memories we had.. yung pagtira natin sa apartment sa Evangelista, the INQ TV days, yung alitan natin, everything...

Ayokong maniwala na wala ka na...

Pero alam kong may reason si God.

At masaya na rin ako dahil ngayon, wala ka ng problema, you all have your peace... 

I am just so sad I never had the chance to say goodbye to you...

Sinubukan namin habulin ka pero di na kme umabot...

Be our angel... 

Watch over us...

Lotski, mahal na mahal ka namin...

You will always be loved and miss...

Pwede bang favor? Pag nagkita kayo ni Marlo, i-hi mo naman ako sa kanya. Pati kay mommy ha..

May you rest in peace, Lot...

at powerstation podium..

dahil sa kagustuhang makapagvideoke, kahit 12.00 per song pinatulan pa rin!!!

ang videoke machine. minsan may daya to kasi nadodouble-swipe yung card. hmftt!!!

feel na feel ni kuya ang pagkanta ng "narito ang puso ko" ni gary v... take two ito.

normal na makulit lang kme. ganyan i-enjoy ang "wherever you will go" ni ryan...

one big happy family! next week ulit!

since most of us here at the office are mac users, we thought of having a class on mac features/troubleshooting.  The first session was held yesterday here at the office which covers the basic mac features. The class was conducted by Power Mac, the distributor of mac here in the Philippines. The session was divided into two batches. One for the Tiger OS and the other for Leopard OS.

I attended the Tiger OS class. Since my mac was purchased late last year (Ver. 10.4.11), i think it was September. It was then the latest Mac OS that time. Until Leopard arrived.

My troubleshooting problems was answered and I learned new tips, tricks and shortcuts. I loved my macky more now than ever. 

Pero, kaming naka Tiger OS, didn't attend the Leopard class kasi maiinggit lang kami. Though basically, they have the same features, pero mas maganda pa rin syempre and Leopard. It has more added features that the Tiger.

But no worries! Who knows, we might just upgrade to Leopard soon... If PowerMac would give it for free!!! hahaha!!! No, i think even if they just give us a reasonable discounted price. *wink*

Next class would be tomorrow for the iLife Features.

.. since you went away.

and i am still wishing you're here with us. alive...

even for a single second.

i miss you terribly.

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