i am doing my last few minutes of going online before i leave for Surigao. This time I won't be bringing macky with me (sigh!).  One, I have to travel light. Bringing macky would mean another hand carry baggage with me. Second, Kyla would be left alone in the house. She requested me to leave macky with her, and since she's left on her last week of vacation, i'd better give in to her request.

I would be back on Tuesday afternoon... and then stay here for another day then leave for Davao on Thursday. Macky again will be left alone here...


I am excited! not for the Petron Training but for the Siargao Experience. 

My flight is scheduled at 5am later and I'll be at Butuan City by 7am. Siargao is scheduled on Monday. 

I hope me and ms. jean would have a great time together...

stories and pics soon...

ciao for now!! be back again super soon!


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