why you'll love mac

since most of us here at the office are mac users, we thought of having a class on mac features/troubleshooting.  The first session was held yesterday here at the office which covers the basic mac features. The class was conducted by Power Mac, the distributor of mac here in the Philippines. The session was divided into two batches. One for the Tiger OS and the other for Leopard OS.

I attended the Tiger OS class. Since my mac was purchased late last year (Ver. 10.4.11), i think it was September. It was then the latest Mac OS that time. Until Leopard arrived.

My troubleshooting problems was answered and I learned new tips, tricks and shortcuts. I loved my macky more now than ever. 

Pero, kaming naka Tiger OS, didn't attend the Leopard class kasi maiinggit lang kami. Though basically, they have the same features, pero mas maganda pa rin syempre and Leopard. It has more added features that the Tiger.

But no worries! Who knows, we might just upgrade to Leopard soon... If PowerMac would give it for free!!! hahaha!!! No, i think even if they just give us a reasonable discounted price. *wink*

Next class would be tomorrow for the iLife Features.


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