just came home from a girl's night-out (with my office girl friends) at Bugsy's. The newly opened bar and resto of our dear Martin whom we fondly call as "Bugs" (obviously, its where the name of his bar came from). It is located along Metrowalk, beside MC Home Depot.

It is now undergoing its soft-dry-run operation. We thought of dropping by to check it out and as a little gesture of support. As of now, it only serves drinks and cocktails, a little of snack.. but no heavy meals yet. Hopefully soon, more menus will come out.

us with martin

The place is ok... cool ambiance... terrific food! They offered us this salmon pasta for a taste test and it definitely tastes good!

We also had cocktails and a little of beer. And, their prices are so cheap!

You guys might wanna drop by... its worth the try.

and oh by the way, its the first night out wherein nobody among us girls is undergoing a post-breakup thingy. *wink*


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