... for answering my little prayer today.

it was just a simple prayer, saving me from work blooper. :)

lakas ko talaga sayo, bro!

I was in elementary when I last saw her....

it was almost 20 years.. until i got a message in my Friendster Inbox from her.

Surprised. Glad. Excited.

She was one of my favorites then... she took care of me way way back.. and she was my mommy's pet.

Im glad she've found me. 

Hope to see you soon Tita Inday! 


i am back from Iloilo.

and sad i have no pictures.. not even one from my phone. it was kinda busy event that i forgot to charge my camera :(

i had the taste of the original La Paz Bachoy at Teds as dinner on our first night. It wasn't that good. "Las ay" as they termed it.. meaning "matabang. They say that the real La Paz Bachoy can be found at the Market. But no way that you can let me eat on the area seeing how it looked like. 

Saturday, Event Day. Toxic to the max day. Although i am thankful that I was able to get a full sleep on Friday night prior to our event.

Sunday. The only libot that we were able to do was to go to The Biscocho Haus for pasalubongs. And then went back to Manila with the delayed flight (of course) of Cebu Pacific.

I am off this weekend for ampanga for the 4th Leg of our event. It was in time for Daddy's birthday too...

2 more legs and im off to my next project!!! coming up soon!!!


posting straight from Iloilo...

im here at Century 21 Hotel lobby waiting for our room to be available. Have tons of works to finish today for our 3rd Leg event tomorrow at Lapaz Plaza...

I haven't been posting anything lately... super busy!!!!

will update soon..


jinxed :(


lost my voice. have a hard time talking.

i thought that was all until...

the flatfooted me strike again! my left foot slipped off over a rock  that made me to almost fell and it was soooo painful. ngayon, sobrang namamaga nad i can hardly walk.

... now tell me, how lucky i am to have all these????

had a bonding weekend with my 1ISA girlfriends at Batangas City. I was given 3 stations to train (yep rumaket ako na mag Petron training) in Lemery, Bauan and Batangas City.

After the whole day training on Saturday, we spent our Sunday which apparently was mother's day at Green Coral Resort in Batangas City.
I missed them so much. We had fun and great time together. Nakakamiss din mag-petron. *wink*

I took half of my day off to have lunch with my previous BOSS at Cafe Provincal at Shangri-la Mall.

Before the lunch date, I dropped off ysa who is starting her encoding work with my previous office at Strata and boy! it was a different feeling! I sooooo misssed my ex-office so much! plus the people there of course. I was so excited seeing them and, at that moment, wished that I am still there. 

I also met my replacement. He was kinda cool. And I saw old macky.. :)

Office was still the same. I missed my table, the pantry, the elevator, the noise and of course the bonding with my office mates (buti na lang wala dun yung ayoko makita).

And then the lunch. It was a date. I first feel ackward because she was my previous BOSS. But as the conversation progress, it was comfortable at all. We talked about a lot... and she never forgot to remind me to keep my focus on Him and always continue reading my bible.

It was her treat, of course. I never felt as important like this before. She was really an extraordinary boss. And I do, really loved her. Earlier, it was a realization for me that hey! I am important.

Her doors remained open. And I am blessed. I can come there anytime I want, stay, visit, and just feel home as a family.

And would you believe... i am having another petron training this weekend!!! just one of the perks I really miss!!!


i am starting to get tired...

of work... of people... of the everyday routines... of the confusions... of everything.

i am not tired of my LIFE, but for some reasons I wish I could break away. 

For once i want to be selfish with my own time.

I want to re-start anew.

If only I could press my life's "refresh" button. 

I am... just tired.

Our cute little baby turned 6 months today, May 5, 2009
... and she's becoming more beautiful...

lovin' her chocolate cake...

... and Makulit!

And she remains to be the precious love of everyone here. 

Spent the whole Labor Day Holiday on the road with Kitkat (one of the comedian of punchline and a talent of abs-cbn) as we travel up north to SM City Rosales in celebration of their Jobapalooza '09.

This event was, well, the reason why we were granted an event permit for our Dagupan Smart Pinoy Leg. It was a loong story. "Storyang gobyerno".

Anyway, my job basically was to make sure that everything (the set-up, light, sounds and merch materials) are ok and to accompany Kitkat.

~ Kitkat and Me ~

It was indeed a long day. We left manila at around 4:30am, arrived at SM City Rosales in Pangasinan by 8:30 and arrived back in manila by 5pm.


Saturday was another family's day out bonding weekend with my BLF. Little Sis, Changskee & Kids and the Matias Family (missing Tito Julio na hindi maiwan ang work)

We spent the day at Montevista Resort in Los Baños.

Swimming... more swimming, videoke, camera trips, foods and of course and aming "fellowship": 2 bottles of  The Bar Vodka, Tequilla, Lambanog and Matador. Kaya ayun, lahat may hangover.

Here's some of my favorites...

~ Kulitan sa pool ~

~ Laki na ni Lalique no? ~

~ Lahat sila natuwa sa picture na to dahil one BIG family daw :D ~

~ Bestfriends with Tita Luz, Boyboy and Joel ~


Sunday, I am super sick. Sa pagod, lasing, hangover, and more stress from previous days. Got fever and chills. 

Thanks to Bioflu and Gatorade.

And yeah, Team Pacquiao rocks!!!!


Btw... Nikay, just in case you drop by... di po ako nawawala. Im just here. :)

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