a relaxing lunch...

I took half of my day off to have lunch with my previous BOSS at Cafe Provincal at Shangri-la Mall.

Before the lunch date, I dropped off ysa who is starting her encoding work with my previous office at Strata and boy! it was a different feeling! I sooooo misssed my ex-office so much! plus the people there of course. I was so excited seeing them and, at that moment, wished that I am still there. 

I also met my replacement. He was kinda cool. And I saw old macky.. :)

Office was still the same. I missed my table, the pantry, the elevator, the noise and of course the bonding with my office mates (buti na lang wala dun yung ayoko makita).

And then the lunch. It was a date. I first feel ackward because she was my previous BOSS. But as the conversation progress, it was comfortable at all. We talked about a lot... and she never forgot to remind me to keep my focus on Him and always continue reading my bible.

It was her treat, of course. I never felt as important like this before. She was really an extraordinary boss. And I do, really loved her. Earlier, it was a realization for me that hey! I am important.

Her doors remained open. And I am blessed. I can come there anytime I want, stay, visit, and just feel home as a family.

And would you believe... i am having another petron training this weekend!!! just one of the perks I really miss!!!


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