hooray 2006!

a last post for the year...

yes.. it has been a wonderful year for me... full of blessings, new experiences, opportunities, tests, challenges, moments of laughter... and tears, falling in love... getting hurt, transferred places... travelled... and more...

there's a lot to be thankful for... and there's a lot of lessons learned.

no regrets with everything that happened...

and im excited to welcome my 2007 with more wonderful and exciting experiences

I wish.... i really wish that....

ngayon.. maglilinis muna ako ng table ko dito sa office... para pagpasok ng 2007, maaliwalas ang lahat...



After a long christmas vacation... here we are again... back to the office...

Now, im burning myself in designing a logo for a campaign program of a bank client. I started doing this design even before christmas but since, there are other "singit" workloads that involves christmas stuffs (christmas cards for clients, christmas party activities, post-xmas
party events, plus the excitement of the upcoming long vacation), now is the time that I could focus on this logo design.

Good, I am happy, so far... with the look of the artwork... though there are still some finishing touches to do... more graphic effects... but looking at it... it's good.

After work I headed to the gym. I badly needed a workout. For a straight week - from the day of our christmas party up until yesterday-, I am drunk. Hehe! I know I have to burn a lot of calories. Marlo called me for a training. Good. Just in time.

We did leg and abs exercise. Perfect. Damang dama ko ang workout... Not to mention, after the stretching, I can feel the muscles on my legs responding to the squats and leg raises that we did. Ang sarap!

Pero... eto ang catch....

As soon as I got home... Minnie and Shaz called up....they are somewhere along Makati Ave... Gimik daw...sunod daw ako....

O sure!

Had dinner at home then met with them at Teriyaki Boy along Makati Ave. They had their dinner and then Ias tagged us at ...

Ayan! Parang di yata kami nararapat sa lugar na to...

Just like the crowd at Embassy...

Pero ano pa ba magagawa namin e nandito na kme... enjoy na lang!

~Si minnie lashing na...~

We headed straight to the bar to get our drinks... it was my first time to try the jagermeister -
A herbal-flavored bitter german liqueur, made from a blend of over 50 herbs, fruits and spices -

I had 3 shots of it....

Plus a rhum-coke and sml...

Meaning... after i burned all the calories earlier that day... eto na naman at nagrerefill na naman ako ng ibuburn for later....

We went home early.. around 1am...

Si Minnie lashing na! hahaha!! ..... kaya nga when I got home.. she sent me a message...



A different Christmas for me...

~ I miss mommy... sooo much... How I wish she's here... I would love to see her even for a single second... I can feel her... But I want to hug and kiss her... I know it's impossible... I just miss her.

~ I have someone so special in my life... and the feeling of being loved

~ A long Christmas vacation...

~ A Christmas Bonus and a 13th Month pay.. (believe me ngayon ko lang na feel to, because in my entire life in media, di uso ang 13th month at bonus)

~ Spending time with daddy

~ and having more blessings...


Here's some pics....

December 23, 2006
With Tita Malou, Tito Emil, Ysa, Boy-boy, Kyla and Sheik

(Tita Malou and Tito Emil's 19th Anniversary)

~ Boy-boy, my cousin-inaanak... who spent his vacation with us after a year at the seminary. Opo, sya ang future priest ng family ~

~Kyla my bebe~

Christmas Day With Daddy, Tita Myrna, Da, Danie and Cedie

~ Daddy and Me ~

~ Danie and Cedie... my 2 pamangkin... ~

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone had a great and joyful yuletide season. Thanks to everyone who sent their gifts, messages, and prayers....


See how my office gurlfriends loves me....

December 19, 2006 @ Maru Videoke Bar... (Ground Floor, Strata 2000)

It was a so-called "my night". I was not really at my system... something's bothering me... plus work stress... I needed to release everything....

Minnie also is the mood for singing...

So here we are...

Cheng - ginawang alternative sa beer and rice....
Minnie - May kapalit na ang "complicated"... "Knock Me Off My Feet" na!

Erika - "cheers to singlehood?"

Shaz - "sayaw pa!"

Thanks gurls for the wonderful and fun time. You really know how to cheer me up. Special thanks to Cheng, na hindi basta basta sumasama sa mga lakad namin... at akalain mong sya ang unang unang present! *grin*

Minnie and Shaz... wala ako masabi snyo... anytime you're always there... labchoo gurls!!!

Isang discovery: Ibang kasama sa gimik si Erika. Nabibigla pag nalalasing! But I was really touched, gurl.

Oops.. si Bianca, present din... but she has to leave early... :-)

Maraming salamat sa inyo


One thing I realized last night...

is that TRUST... is such a risky thing to give...

you have to stand by it...

no matter how hard the consequence may be...

Met up with besty VanVan last Saturday for our "exchange gifts". It was our yearly tradition. Sayang nga Nikay wasn't there. But we'll see each other naman this week hopefully.

Thanks Van for the nice gift! I love it...

After meeting Van... I headed to Greenbelt 3 to meet someone who plays a big part on my current "paranoia".

She's one of the fitness instructor at the gym who happened to know everything that is happening. Just recently we thought that maybe we should go out... talk about "things"... and so to clear "everything".

And we did. Last Saturday.

It was a great bonding. I discovered a lot of things about her.. more than how I thought she was at the gym.

And it was sincere.

Now, more than anything else... she gave me the real meaning of CHOICE.

Thanks JANEL!

Date: December 14, 2006
Venue: Jay-Jay's Inasal, Pasig City (Beside Ortigas Home Depot)

This party took a month of preparation. The so-called committees: Me, Bee, Erika and Minnie. The theme should be "the 80's". And every activity should relate into the 80's.

the committee gurls...

As early as 4pm, we started decorating the venue... putting creepe papers, baloons, sound system, etc.. to project the 80's look. It was fun being part of the preparation, considering this is going to be my first christmas party with 1ISA.

Last minute activities:

~ Me and the rest of the gurls doing the last hour of finding what to wear. Buti na lang malapit lang ang "F"....

~ Me and cheng buying stuff for the exchange gifts

~ Erika stressed out in segregation of raffle and game prizes

~ Our team presentation for the night (partida na late na kme nagpractice ha... still we won the best in presentation)

The FOOD: It was so great! Sobrang sarapp!!!

ALCOHOL: Overflowing!!!

In fact, may tama kme ni Erika! hehehe!!

Some pics...

- me and minnie -

with "Boy George" and "Mr. T"


i am not ok.


- Been very busy with "work"... and christmas party stuffs. It's going to be a "back to the 80's" this coming Thursday... and, with only 2 days left, we are rushing things up... wit all the knitty gritty works... from preparation of props, conceptualizing themes and games, program, to actual decoration of the place... well.. that's why we are called the "committee". hehehe!

till now.. i don't have anything to wear pa... i am still scouting to where I could find any 80's outfit.. at least if I could borrow? ayoko na gumastos!!!

will post pics soon...

- I was hoping to have the best christmas ever... pero mukang malabo pa yata... now i realized, i have to consider things.... and people....

- My paranoia is now slowly going on its way down. I guess I shouldn't be thinking about it too much... nakakapraning e! I am happy we're getting stronger... and more comfortable with each other...

- For the past weeks, Tito Emil and I had a real great bonding... it's good I have someone to open-up with.. kasi wala si daddy and mommy... at least may shock absorber ako! I think its a vice versa thing for us... I was glad he also opened-up and of course.. I promised him I will keep my mouth shut... especially for the coming days... hehehe!

- Tita Malou, Ysa, and Kyla is coming this Saturday!!! Yey!!! May tagaluto na ulit!!! I can again eat real foods! hehehe!

- Last night, I was thinking... till when will this "thing" lasts?........

- I miss this blog! It has been days since I last have a time to post anything...

Sorry Nik, mejo natagalan.. (from her site, comes this tag)

well here it is... reviving my Thomasian spirit...

1. San building mo?
~ St. Raymund's Building... along Dapitan side, beside the Central Library...

2. Course mo?
~ AB Major in Communication Arts

3. Center of excellence ba yun?
~ Tinatanong pa ba yan? Of Course!!!

4. Nakagulong ka na ba sa main field?
~ yup yup...

5. Anong masasabi mo sa bagong fountain sa USTe?
~ Bagong fountain??? hmm... di ko pa nakita yan ngayon. Matagal na ko di nakakadalaw sa beloved Alma Matter e..

6. Nakapasok ka na ba sa Graduate School?
~ Once or twice lang yata...

7. Napuntahan mo na ba lahat ng sections sa Central Library?
~ oo naman!!!! pero mas madalas ako sa edtech center...

8. Nakapag-internet ka na ba sa Central Lib?
~ yah... kaso hindi palagi.. lagi kasi mahaba ang pila nun tsaka mejo mabagal pa access nung time namin e..

9. Nag-friendster ka?
~ sa central lib??? nung panahon namin??? nope... di pa uso friendster nun!

10. Nakakain ka na ba sa lahat ng kainan sa Carpark?
~ May kainan na ba dun ngayon?

11. Bakit ka kumakain sa Carpark?
~ di ko na yata naabutan yung kainan dun!

12. Kumakain ka rin ba sa may Dapitan?
~ Sinong Tomasino ang hindi kumakain sa Dapitan? Suki ako ng BRB (Yung porkchop nila dun!!! panalo) Almers.. ang sarap ng gravy dito... tsaka sa TAPSI!! ay tambayan ito...

13. Sinong paborito mong prof?
~ Yup NIk! We all loved Sir Jaleco.. hmm.. Ma'am Pepin.. and Sir Bong Osorio...

14. Paboritong subject?
~ TV and Radio Prod, Scriptwriting and Advertising

15. Maka-Growling Tigers ka ba?
~ Ano ba???? Kaya nga hanggang ngayon sinusuot ko pa Thomasian Jacket ko no!

16. Nameet mo na ba yung players ng USTe?
~ Si Latoreno na classmate namin na super bait... yung iba naman pagala gala lang sa campus.. sorry di kme close e...

17. Naka-akyat ka na ba sa isa sa mga puno sa Botanical Garden?
~ Nyay! hinde! pero one of the ost memorable place sakin yan lalo na nung sophomore year.... hehehehe!!!

18. Nakapagsimba ka na ba sa simbahan dun?
~ Of course...sana dun din ako ikasal... (kasi 50% discount kapag tomasino ka at dun ka nagpakasal!) harhar!

19. student number mo?
~ 96030367 (hahaha! id ko kasi nasa akin pa!)

20. Saan ka nag test ng USTET?
~ Sa Educ building.

21. Mahirap ba USTET?
~ Kung mahirap e di wala ako dito...

21. Anung org mo?
~ COM-ACH  (para masabing may org.. hehehe) pero nang lumaon naging active din sa CASA (Communication Arts Students Association)

22. Masaya ba?
~ in CASA, yep yep!

23. Nagkaroon na ba ng kuwenta sayo yung UST Health Services?
~ Ay oo!!!! sobra!

24. Nagpupunta ka ba sa Tinoco Park?
~ OO naman.. everytime na may school projects practtices. pero mas madalas ako sa Colayco e.

25. Naranasan mo na bang magpractice ng kahit ano sa grandstand?
~ Hmm.. madalang.. kasi mas malapit kme sa Colayco... and sa grandstand kasi sobrang crowded dun...

26. Alam mo ba yung Research Complex?
~ hmmm.. saan ulit ito?

27. Naholdap ka na ba kahit saan around USTe?
~ sa awa ni Lord, hindi pa naman.. but i have some classmates back then na suki ng holdap nun e!

28. E nanakawan?
~ not really..

29. E na-rape?
~ Inay Ko po!!!

30. Anung pinakaayaw mong lugar sa USTe?
~ Hmmm. yung sa may tapat ng hospital.. sa gov. forbes area.. lalo na pag gabi.. naku po!

31. Sa tingin mo marami bang konyo sa USTe?
~ Pa-coño, meron. Marame. - Second d motion nik!

32. Sa tingin mo bakit tigers ang USTe?
~ kasi malupit!

33. Di ba orange ang tigers, bakit yellow tayo?
~ Sino nagsabi na orange?

34. Excited ka ba sa 400th year ng USTe?
~ Syempre naman.. iba ang feeling ng UST alumni ka

35. Ilang units ka this sem?
~ i graduated year 2000... hehehe

36. Anung pinakamadali mong subject?
~ RIZAL... because of Prof Lapuz! Im sure everyone will agree.. hehehe.. marami akong nacompose na kanta nun!

37. E pinakamahirap?
~ Thesis... buti na lang si Sir Bong adviser ko!

38. Anung major mo?
~ Communication Arts

39. Bakit ka nag aral sa USTe?
~ e bakit ba? e sa gusto ko dun e!!!

40. Kabisado mo na ba yung UST Hymn?
~ "God of all nation...
merciful Lord of our restless being
sweep with your golden lilies
.... di ko na alam kasunod...
basta kelangan nakataas yung kamay mo ala people power pag kinakanta to...

41. E yung mission and vision?
~ huwwaaattt??

42. Anung tingin mo sa mga guard sa USTe?
~ sumpungin!

43. Anung masasabi mo sa uniform policy natin?
~ Nung college, maluwag sa AB e. Nakachinelas pa nga ako pumasok nun. Naghigpit na lang nung around 2000. - korek.. makikita mo ang ibat ibang style ng skirt and lamda.. tapos tsinelas kung tsinelas... di umuubra mga guard samin e!! hehehe!

!!!! now...its your time to get tagged!!!!

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