Gladness filled my heart as my Dad dropped a visit to our place yesterday. I'ts a once-in-a-blue-moon chance that he'd spent a day off here. We had planned several times about him coming over and staying with me for a day but with our busy scheds we can't meet on a perfect date. Sure, yesterday was just as perfect as it seems. Though I am busy doing the final touches of our episode, compromises makes its way. Good thing have these "kind-hearted" ediors who simply can understand. *wink*

It was only a day but still, the hapiness is much more. I mean, missing your dad is one of the hardest thing about being independent.. living alone along the busy metro without your family... and with everyday spent with your officemates and friends... sometimes you long to be your family... ayt?


Im bored...

So bored I want to get out of here...

go somewhere that could ease up this feeling of emptiness inside...

maybe a little shopping would do... a pair of new shoes... new clothes.. oh! i remember i need a new skirt to pair with that cute lilac off-shoulder blouse that karen gave me yestarday... well, actually i have this white mini that could perfectly fit together with that blouse, but then.. maybe I could find something better.. a new one I guess...

Call me materialistic (though I'm not) but shopping really is my major theraphy....

Or maybe a walk somewhere.. a coffee at starbucks ... mochafrapucinno and iced chocolate with whip cream and of course! belgian waffle... ohhlala!!!

How about movies? or eat some more...sbarro's lasagna or their carbonara???? nah!!!! i dont think so.... have'nt I told you I've been feeling great this past weeks? Losing 20 lbs is no joke... the question is... will I be able to maintain this? huh!!!

somebody please help me ease up this feeling....

im missing somebody so much I wanted to divert my actions and do more stuffs...

but the heck of being in this four-cornered room makes me sick! It sucks when you can't run and go where you you wanna go ... escape all the workloads... and feel free!!!

i may be busy right here but the thought of that "someone" is starting to kill me....

somebody.... someome.. please help me....

I took a leave from work last Friday to celebrate mom's 3rd year death anniversary. I left Makati lunchtime after I encashed my cheque. I headed to my Lolo's house in Bulacan where the "padasal" will be done. I arrived there around 3 pm just in time for the prayer. Daddy was there... and they prepared enough food for the celebration. By the way, it was also my Lola's birthday that day... (sad... that day when my mom dies was the day my Lola have her last year)

Anyway, it was good to see my Lolo again. His smile touched me .. i dont know why... there's this look in his eyes the says something... something hard to explain... maybe he just missed me... same as I with him...

by the way, I brought in ice cream as my contribution.. :p

My dad left the same day to attend for a hearing scheduled in Romblon. I stayed there and planned to sleepover and go back to Makati the next day. And as soon as Kuya Olan, "my best cuz" arrived home, I asked him if we could watch a movie because I am terribly bored after my dad left.

We watched Batman begins. At Waltermart (its the only mall nearby...but it was good) Gaygay came with us. We took the last full show. The movie was great... though I think Katie Holmes just doesn't fit to the character... but she's pretty ... maybe I was just used in seeing her in Dawson's Creek.


Saturday... i dropped by at Cleng's house. I miss my bestfriend so much.. and I was shocked to see her loose pounds... sobra...:-) and I was glad to see my inaanaks... Andrew and Adrian ...well... they're just as cute as I can imagine. I had my lunch with them and stayed there the whole day.

Sunday... the busiest day of my weekend... I planned to cook dinner for my cousins and tita. I thought of having chicken roll and vegetable casserole. After finishing the list of ingredients, I headed to SM Suparmarket for grocery and right after, went home.. excited for the cooking. I dont know but I just feel like doing the dinner for that night. Even my cousins are asking me... "ano daw ba meron?"... Nothing....Siguro nagprapractice lang... hehehe

Dinner time... I was satisfied to see everybody enjoying what I prepared. Para nga daw fiesta kasi sobrang dami! Much more.. they liked it....they even saved some on tupperwares para baon nila tomrw.... just as when Tita Net asked me...

"Mag-aasawa ka na ba?"

How I wish... tita.


Haven't been here for a while... because.... WORK CALLS!!!

Yep! our political crisis have brought us to be very busy this week...

Cancelled day-offs... emergency meetings... daily news updates... daily news coverage.... not to mention the headaches and cramming!

Our group decided to air a special coverage of the controversial Garci tapes this Thursday. A teamwork as it may seems... each one of us have their own special assignments to do. And tonight... would be our moment...

Because despite of all the warnings given by the government and other agencies, that these tapes should not be aired or broadcasted in any way...we will have a one episode exposing these said wire-tapped recordings. Coz we believe, the people should know the truth and that is our responsibility. We are brave and strong enough to face whatever it is that would cause this move.... in fact, we are not nervous or threathened in any way...

title card

This is what life in media is all about... having to face the reality around you and delivering the truth to the people... But it is not always like this...we still have fun though... of course!

Before we start the coverage, we attended the INQUEST Finals where a mystery about a murder case will be solved. It's the first multi-media mystery game launched by Philippine Daily Inquirer wherein the grand winner who could guess the killer would win 100,000! Imagine that huge amount of money!


The event happened at Temple Bar, Greenbelt 2 at Makati. All the inquest characters were there... and a lot of people who joined the contest attended the party. The revelations started at around 8:30 pm, hosted by KC Montero and Cindy Kurleto.

temple bar - inquest

inquest stage

HALE performed too...5 songs... and the crowd just loved it. Plus the free food... ahh!!! it was really a great and fun night!



Good thing we are from INQ TV... we dont need to register or download an mms for us to get in.. plus we have to occupy the VIP seats!



daei 3

daei 2


Life in Media

just had an emergency meeting with our executive producer and crews..

we have to pull all out the lined-up segments for this week's episode to give way to a special coverage on the current political conflict that is happening. All these issue about the president that cause the breakout of rallies, protest and all. ..

everybody were given their assignments for coverage and everybody have to work doubletime...roving teams, interviews, going were the actionis... ngarag pero i know this would be fun... having to be part of what's happening... plus having the responsibility of bringing the news to the people... much more than fulfilling.

lets get on going....

A family day I spent with my friends...

It was a day full of fun, games, and activities as Philippine Daily Inquirer marks its 20th year with a family day at Star City. It was Sunday, June 5, 2005.

Each of us (employees) are allowed to bring with 3 friends or family to be part of the celebration. Since I don't have with me my family here in Manila (of course my cuz are here but they are busy transferring their stuffs on our new apartment), I invited Shayn and Yam . Rayms didn't show up... drawing!!! hehehe!

Image_03_ yam


The celebration begins with a mass at the lobby of aliw theater. Everybody's wearing white... We, the employees have the same shirt and our companions were also in white. Then the launch of INQ's 20th logo and new stuffs... raffles and games... sad I didn't won an I-pod. Then the photo opt of the human 20 (where we all formed the 20th anniv logo).. and the finale... the distribution of ride-all-you-can tickets and food stubs... and its all FREE!!!


Mike a.k.a Keebler joined us the whole day. Also Kuya Ed. (Mike is our editor and Kuya Ed, our cameraman)

Zyclone loop, Wild River, Bump Car, Bumper Boat, Freezing Mosters, ... all the thrillling rides and even the kids stuff.. we tried them all. And yeah!!! FOOD TRIP!!! Guess we have no choice but to use all the food stubs that we have!!! *wink*


We spent the whole day at Star City. Enjoyig every moment with it! Shayn and Yam! I hope you guys also enjoyed it! Can't wait for another bonding time with you guys!

a very tiring weekend... as expected...

me and my cuz are moving out from our old apartment to a condo nearby. So, imagine the hassles of packing up stuffs and eventually unpacking all of them as soon as we transferred. Saturday was the most busy day. I did all the transferring first coz I couldn't make it by Sunday (it was our family day and anniversary celebration at INQUIRER).

Chris and I started early. First we have to bring to the laundry shop all the laundry then started to transfer boxes of stuffs to our new place. The condo was pretty well and more accesible for me coz it's just a block away from Inquirer. And I liked it coz it has a pool at the backyard. :-) And so, there it was... the two of us consuming the whole day arranging and fixing our room (we share a room by the way). But it was fun though coz we got to experiment some arrangements. :-) We're done at around 6pm that day.. Then we thought "buti na lang tapos na tayo...di na tayo sasabay sa toxic bukas..."

Sunday... when everybody else in the house is busy with the major move out... I was preparing for our company's family day. A different post for that... okei?

Last night was my first night on our new place... quite pretty well... medyo namamahay.. but for sure... ok na rin in few weeks...

will post pics soon!


thanks tita joan fo this.... it got me....



I've waited for this moment
To find someone who will love me
Someone that will comfort me andmake me feel secure
I found all this in you andI think I'm falling for you
But life is not fair
For I have to let you go
Because someone is waiting for you.
I hate to say goodbye
But remember goodbye doesn't mean forever
It doesn't mean we can not be together
For deep in my heartI know someday our path will cross again
Because I believe I was meant for you
And you for me.

I was walking on the street
Hoping to see you again
I always stare on the telephone
And waiting for your call
You knock on my door once more
To tell me that you love me
But I have to think and go far away
To know if my feelings are the same way.

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