We used to call each other "tol". A very common term to every friends out there but seems like it has been our way of calling each other eversince. You were the one who initiated that term to me coz you think (well everybody thinks) that im "one-of-the-boys". And that was fine though. I dont have anything against that.

But you know what? it's just that lately I've realized how blessed I am coz I have you as my friend. We've been together for 10 years or so and hopefully till forever. I thought that after graduation, we would have our separate ways but still, your hectic and toxic schedule didn't hinder us from keeping in touch. More to that, trusting me with your biggest secret in life is more than flattering.

You are here with me at this point in my life when I woke up and saw myself on the downside. I dont even have to say a word that I need you... seems like you sensed it and that in a snap, you're here with me even before I could say a thing. And you listened... you tried to understand me... and you bring back the smile on my face. Having you around is more than enough for me to move on.

You are my friend... my best friend... the best boy friend I ever had. And yes, it's just now that i've realized it. Thank you for all the support and for being with me... for holding my hands when I need one... for not being pretentious... for being you. For all the smiles that you've given me... and much more thanks to all the sermons and the fights that we had... coz it makes our friendship strong.

And as promised... i will never leave you... i will listen... be there for you... and rest assured.... maiintindihan kita.... coz.... i love you. :-)


Daddy's Day

My dad blew the 55th candle on his cake yesterday, Sunday, May 29.

I went to pampanga to be with him. I arrived there around 9am and saw him cooking his specialty food, which happened to be my favorite too!! -- Beef Caldereta. I love it especially kung si daddy ang nagluto.

As soon as I entered the kitchen, I greeted him happy birthday and kissed him. I saw his smile and gladness seeing me after a week. I sensed that he doesn't have any plans that day and so I asked him if he wanted to have a date with me. Of course he did!!! So, he dressed up and together we headed to the mall for a movie and dinner.

We watched Star Wars and then had a dinner at the foodcourt. I really loved the moment being with my dad alone. It's like a father and daughter bond. It was very quite that we do these stuffs and so I really treasured it.

Though I spent a lot, it's ok having a quality time with him im return. Anyway, minsan minsan lang naman to e. And I really dont care if ever I get broke as long as I see him happy. He's the only one I have in my life right now (right after mommy left us) and I want to make the best of every moment with him.

Enough of the drama. I just wish he had a great time with me on his day.... I know he did!!!

I love you daddy!


I feel bad...

Why is that more often, people whom you thought would be there for you seems like they don't exist on times that you need them? Yung tipong... always present sa sarap pro pagdating ng hirap, biglang nawawala. Though physically they are there but onced approached and asked for help, asa ka. Lucky me if I could get an instant "yes" for an answer. As if I still have to weight things out first. Of course I did! I even have second thoughts of asking for help coz I could have done things by myself.

You could really know who your true friends are when time like this happens.

Remembering how much sacrifices did I make just to give time for them when they needed me. Oh My! No... ayokong manumbat!

And yes, I should know it by know. I should've learned my lessons.

Anne's right! Bilog ang mundo. And now I'm on the downside. Then I remember what I told myself... NOTHING and NO ONE CAN PULL ME DOWN!

Still, God is with me... Alam kong di ako pababayaan ng Diyos. I do believe in Karma.

I will not forget this day...



all alone...

i'm missin you... so bad...


What I thought to be a plain weekend turned out to be....


Lanie and I treated ourselves to a "deep tissue massage" at Mabuhay Spa (makati golf club) right after office. It was really a relaxing one .. like.. all the colds and body tensions were released. The ambiance was pleasant though ... i could imagine myself in a chinese setting I usually see in some chinese movies... may pagka zen type... and with a relaxing and soothing music at the background. We choose to have the deluxe room so we could be together in one room. Unfortunately we cant use the jacuzzi right after coz there are men using it. But it's alright. I mean, the massage was satisfying already... especially that one on the buttocks part... ang sarap!!!

After the massage we had our dinner at North Park. still at the Makati Golf Club. We ordered lemon chicken and yang chow rice. And guess what??? hindi namin maubos! Which is like, parang nagiging normal na coz we both have this diet thing going on. *wink* (proud to say, I've lost 7 pounds in a week) What about this diet thing??? hmmm.. secret. :p


It was my Tita Led's birthday and house blessing. I went to Bulacan and was glad to see everybody there! My dad of course was there. Kinda like a reunion na nga e. :-) Sobrang dami ng food. But of course, I can't eat that much. As much as I want to, my tummy refuses naman. Hay! It's ok, I guess. (part of the diet) hehehe!


I guess would be a rest day for me... but I remembered, I have to pack my things coz we're scheduled to move to another house at the end of this month. I woke up around 11 am, then packed some stuffs ( i then just realized I had a lot of stuffs that I dont really need that much. Might as well, give them to my cousins or to whoever). I did the laundry too, right after.

Then by afternoon, chris, mai and I went to greenbelt for a mass. Afterwards we watched amityville at g4. The movie was good... actually, scary! I liked it.


Never thought it would turn out like this... soon to be a disaster....

Our show airs every thursday night (meaning we have an episode later) and would you believe, right up until this moment, we are not yet done with the editing. To think we have like hours left to finish and this seems impossible. This is the first time that this kind of scenario happened to us.

Scripts just got in tuesday evening which is supposed to be in by Sunday. So what do we expect?? as usaal ngaragan to the max. Imagine a day and a half of editing 45 segments of 10 mins each! hah! So.. at this very moment, we are still working on the last 2 segments. Plus.. more to the crisis... our machines are giving up... and we have to beat a 2'oclock deadline...

How are we suppose to beat this???

God help us!

creative 1
Originally uploaded by daei.

Presenting... some snaps from our trip last May 13 at Timog..

It's friday the 13th and there's no way to be creepy...

This get-together happens once and I was just glad we had a chance because we are celebrating the birthday of Yam, Chel, and Dex. :-) and yes, John Rey's despedida.
creative 33 creative 30

Almost everybody was present. Khot, Dhelbs a.k.a "bambam", Dexter, Chel,Yam, Mon, John Rey, Emeric, Kiko (the best practicumer ever! hehe) and the new found friend Myk "Kibler". Myk was actually Bam's friend and happened to be one of my editors here in the office.

Rayms and Dada... we miss you!!!


Overflowing SML and FOOD TRIP!! And of course, di mawawala ang kulitan. :-D

creative 45creative 17

Bambam... he's my favorite. Coz he love's me so much! hahaha! He's very fond of making fun of me! really... he never gives up... kaso sorry.. di ako pikon e. *wink* and that's what I like about him. I like to hug him always (kasi ang laki laki ng stomach nya!) Pero no malice daw??? hehehe!

creative 43 creative 34

we ended up around 2am i guess...

and that was one of the best times I had with them...

The "disappointing" post below? I thought it was... but it was FUN after all!!!

Really it was... We may not have gotten into that swimming thing but that gimick last night was so great! It was such a great night. :-)

We did the trip along quezon city. Near GMA. It was a bar owned by a friend of mon. :-) we had our dinner there then of course.. inuman na! I was glad to see that once again we are complete and everybody was having fun.

More stories and pics (emeric! please send the pictures soon) coming up!!!!


How would you feel if you and your friends are planning for a weekend outing and it took you a month in planning it then suddenly, a day before the planned date, everything was called off? Badtrip di ba? I mean, everything was all set then just because of some sort of "senseless circumstances", all that has been planned was totally cancelled.

I was really disappointed with it. I am all so excited, then in a snap, everything was changed into an imaginary plan. hahaha! Though there came up an abrupt "plan b" but not as exciting as the first plan.

That day was suppose to be today. Our creative group (my former team from my previous work) planned to have an outing today till tomrw as a birthday celebration of yam, rach, and dex. Also as a despedida treat of john. The past weeks, we are looking for a resort to stay (just around the metro) and then when we eventually scout for one, seems like everyone has been dependent to each other hoping that someone could arrange the booking. Turned out nobody did the reservations. Which is really.. huh? Anyway, I kow I am not one of the celebrants but then I was looking forward on this gimik coz we barely have the chance to get together now. And I guess, this is the chance. Ayt?

But anyway, yesterday, it came up that we just go to a bar (somewhere in timog daw). Just so to push thru with the celebration. Ok na rin kahit papano.

Haay! wala na namang magagawa e... and as if we still have a choice now...

I had lunch with my dad today.

I wasn't really expecting a lunch with him today coz I though he's busy at work. And I thought he's in his office. Just when he texted me and say he's at glorietta and if I wanted to join him for lunch. :-) Of course I do!

I immediately leave the office for early lunch and meet my dad at glorietta. I saw him sitting at the bench along glorietta 2. I was really excited to see him. Like, I havn't seen him for 2 weeks, I guess.

We stroll for a while... look for dvds and some other stuffs. Then we went lunch at Mangan, together with his clients. Well, yeah.. he really has a client meeting that's why he's here in makati. But still, this is a chance to be with him, right???

Oh well, this is one fine day for me. I just don't know when will I see him again. Hopefully on my tita led's birthday and house blessing in Bulacan this comming 20th...

I miss you dad!

Lucky Me

Lately, it seems like everything is going on my way.

I feel so blessed and lucky as things are heading up on me.

For once i thought that things are kinda impossible to happen but until i knew it, they are up in front of my face. And I can't believe it. Though yes, I guess I did a lot of effort for things to happen and this could just be the result of those "hardworks"

I am just feeling awesome on what's happening... careerwise... yes! Not pertaining to my "main" job but those "sidelines" just keeps on heading it's way. Hope everything would turn out fine.

:-) Lucky me...

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