back from a long weekend road trip...

my first beach getaway for 2008 at Canoe Beach Resort at San Antonio, Zambales for our company's yearly team building. 


a "back-to-vigan" trip after our 2-day company outing. A 10-hour drive from Pampanga to Vigan via an L-300 no aircon delivery van, it was really a ROADTRIP... It was then, our most memorable land travel ever...

more pics at my multiply site

im back!!!

to my long missed home...

last night i signed up for another year of membership at fitness first megamall... It has been six months since i terminated my membership and i realized, i have to go back. And since they are offering a "we want you back" rate, i'd better grab it. Promise, sobrang baba ng rate ko! weehheee!!!!

I transfer to another home club, which will be opened this coming april. A new environment and definitely a new work-out routine. 

From time to time i guess i'd still be dropping by at Wynsum but not that regular compared to before.  

And definitely, di naman mawawala na may maalala ako... but now, only the good memories.

Can't wait to have my first workout... :-)


for the next couple of days, i'll be away...


Tomorrow, Thursday, ill be at MEXICO, Pampanga (hehehe) to train one Petron Station. I don't know if i'll be able to go back to office, but i will try.. i need to finish up some things though...

On Sat and Sunday, we'll be having our COMPANY TEAM BUILDING at Canoe Beach, Zambales. A masquerade party on Saturday night and a time to have a great bonding with officemates. This is a yearly thing though.. in which looking forward kami lahat...

Right after the Team Building, straight from Zambales, we're (me, minz, erika, rhedd, march and cheng) off to Vigan, Ilocos Sur! Yep... im going back to Vigan... wala lang.. no work included (aside for Minnie to train one Petron Station there)... just to take advantage of Monday which was declared as non-working holiday. Excited na ko sa empanadang Vigan!!!! 

We'll be back on tuesday... 

But then, im pretty sure it doesn't end there... nararamdaman ko, maraming travel out of town coming up...


This year, I personally declare Valentine’s Day as the SINGLE’S AWARENESS MONTH. Haha!! Nah! I am not pathetically bitter about being single. It is actually my choice not to be in a relationship now right after that painful stage of Marlo’s death. It was traumatic. And I have no reason to be emotionally stressed just because I am “now” single.

But even if that’s the case, we (or should I say I?) even celebrated it… for 3 consecutive days…*wink*

Aside of course from that dinner with a “friend” (on which details I can’t reveal for my own self’s sake) we (the kagerz + gracia “parteegurl”) had dinner and a bucket of beer at Metrowalk. 

We call this “cheers-to-singlehood” night out. We had our favorite Shawarma first at Behrouz and then the bucket of beer at Bacolod Chicken Inasal. Going out with friends really helped. It always makes me realize there more to the world than to get stucked on the thought of being left alone.

At Pier 1, Fort. As per someone's request, i wouldn't post the details...  hahahahaha!

Of course I wouldn’t let the season pass without spending a time with him. Even if he’s not here anymore, I still can feel his presence and there is still my longing to be with him.

But this time, it was different. It was not just me and him. But us and him. The four of us --- me, nel, anthony and ryan --- took time to spent a post valentines moment with him. I know, each one of us had been a great part of his life and shared precious moment together. And now, what’s good is that we are all friends.
we share one common ground: him and the good memories he left...

And the most meaningful thing that happened that night: all complicated issues was resolved.

anthony, rye, daei and nel with tita mirla--  marlo's mom: 
closing the chapter of complicated issues and opening a new book of friendship...

And it all makes us feel better.


it has been a long day...

had a meeting at Petron with the Petron Fleetcard people and my other co-trainors for the upcoming nationwide retraining program.

wasn't able to report back to office because we ended up past 6pm and since we're already at makati area, i decided not to go back and just head straight home.


i wanted to sleep... and i tried.. but i can't...

still have lots of things to do... deadlines and projects...

ganito ba talaga pag walang lovelife? sa trabaho lahat napupunta?


one of the last words that Marlo told me before he left: "WAG KA AGAD MAGTITIWALA SA MGA TAO, LALO NA SA MGA DI MO PA GANUN KA-KILALA"

and now i understand why he told me that...

ganun pala yun, darating ka sa point na di mo na alam kung sino ang paniniwalaan mo...

and my choice is to believe on what i used to believe in. para less pain, less emotional stress.

im glad things are slowly clearing up... and im pretty sure, truth will be revealed very soon.

anyway, wherever it is that this "complicated issue" will lead to, useless na rin. everything was said and done... harms already made (on the process of recovering na nga e).

i just hope everyone would find their inner peace... and that it would be easy for everyone to move on.



On the 29th! Can’t wait… thanks jae!!!


A lot of unexpected things are happening lately. I am amazed, surprised as on how things are going its way.

Now I believe that sometimes, you just have to let time heal all the pains and let God do the works. Then one day, you’ll just see yourself smiling…

… and then you’ll realized, you are more blessed that anyone else



What my day was.

For the whole day, I haven’t talked to anyone in the office. (Aside of course from my boss who asked me to do this thing that caused me to have my own world today) They seemed to be afraid on talking to me or to even approach me. I didn’t mean to make them feel that way though. It’s just that they are already used to me when “cramming-toxic-can-I-just-stop-the-clock” mode of mine attacks.


Because I am doing this AVP for one of the MANCOM’s (Daddy Bu, who are very dear to us) 60th birthday celebration today. Really, it was a “photo-finish” job. I started doing the first few video clips yesterday and the remaining, well most of it I’ve done today.

I haven’t been able to go online, I wasn’t able to check my e-mail, no ym. The whole day, the only thing that’s been running to my Mac was the iMovie where I’m doing the video editing. Oh yes, Photoshop was also up. If there’s a need, I have also the Limewire on standby (for the songs which I don’t have in iTunes).

I’ve done everything in 9 hours. It was a 9-minutes AVP, which I am very proud to say was a “very good” AVP. Something that earned an applause right after showing it to the birthday boy and to everyone else. It was actually played 2 times as per their request.

Hardwork paid. A tap on my back. A “good job” phrase from almost everyone. And the wink and a high-five from my boss, it paved all the stress. Knowing that I have done a productive work today, its enough to say “I had my day”.

acting "jane"

wisa treated me to lunch earlier and we talked about her wedding invitation... she asked me to scout for a supplier who could print it and gave me the soft copy of the file. 

yup.. she's about to get hitched... with her lovey for 12 years...

just makes me wonder how to fit in their 12 years of relationship into a 3-5 minutes of avp, which i'm also in-charge of doing

... and now i am seeing myself as the "jane" from 27 dresses... hahahaha!

thanks for the lunch gurl!!


had a whole day Petron training at Carmona, Silang, Imus and Bacoor Cavite. We were suppose to finish the training at around 5pm but unfortunately connection problems on the machine at the last station occured. Had a hard time figuring out the cause of the problem and it took us almost 2 hours to resolve it. 

We depart Cavite at around 7pm..

As soon as i got home, i prepared for a "gimik night" with nel and anthony.

Meeting place: my house.

We had our dinner first at my place and then we headed to malate... (sorry I forgot the name of the club). 

It was an acoustic night and we really had a great time together, considering it was the first time that the three of us went out... and it was my first time to meet anthony, who, by the way was also a friend of Marlo way way back...

Than night was really a time to talk about anything.. mostly it was a recap of what each one's shared memories with Marlo, our common ground. 

And for a new friendship, we gave him a toast..
more pics of the gimik, click here


i decided to get a trim... no, its not really a trim... i got rid of my long tress and decided for a shorty look...

today marks my second year anniversary here at my second home... a place where i spent most of my time with, 5 days week (sometimes 7), 8-10 hours a day...

2 years of stay gave me the:

- big room for growth. i realized that there's more that I can give aside from what i though i have. 
- rediscovered my inner talent (meron pala ako nun)
- i became more in love with graphics...
- finally, i got a macbook pro
- meet and found new treasured friends
- travelled all the way to different far far places.. and i loved it....

and more than anything else, i felt the sense of belongingness as a family...

1ISA was not just a job... but a home...


27 dresses

 definitely a must-see movie! 

watched it last night with annie and i must say i really loved the way it entertains the viewers.

i would agree (and i guess some of you too) that most of us "single" girls could relate to jane... 

and then somehow i realize, being single is not that bad after all...

my rating: all thumbs up!

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