weekend part 2


had a whole day Petron training at Carmona, Silang, Imus and Bacoor Cavite. We were suppose to finish the training at around 5pm but unfortunately connection problems on the machine at the last station occured. Had a hard time figuring out the cause of the problem and it took us almost 2 hours to resolve it. 

We depart Cavite at around 7pm..

As soon as i got home, i prepared for a "gimik night" with nel and anthony.

Meeting place: my house.

We had our dinner first at my place and then we headed to malate... (sorry I forgot the name of the club). 

It was an acoustic night and we really had a great time together, considering it was the first time that the three of us went out... and it was my first time to meet anthony, who, by the way was also a friend of Marlo way way back...

Than night was really a time to talk about anything.. mostly it was a recap of what each one's shared memories with Marlo, our common ground. 

And for a new friendship, we gave him a toast..
more pics of the gimik, click here


i decided to get a trim... no, its not really a trim... i got rid of my long tress and decided for a shorty look...


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