This year, I personally declare Valentine’s Day as the SINGLE’S AWARENESS MONTH. Haha!! Nah! I am not pathetically bitter about being single. It is actually my choice not to be in a relationship now right after that painful stage of Marlo’s death. It was traumatic. And I have no reason to be emotionally stressed just because I am “now” single.

But even if that’s the case, we (or should I say I?) even celebrated it… for 3 consecutive days…*wink*

Aside of course from that dinner with a “friend” (on which details I can’t reveal for my own self’s sake) we (the kagerz + gracia “parteegurl”) had dinner and a bucket of beer at Metrowalk. 

We call this “cheers-to-singlehood” night out. We had our favorite Shawarma first at Behrouz and then the bucket of beer at Bacolod Chicken Inasal. Going out with friends really helped. It always makes me realize there more to the world than to get stucked on the thought of being left alone.

At Pier 1, Fort. As per someone's request, i wouldn't post the details...  hahahahaha!

Of course I wouldn’t let the season pass without spending a time with him. Even if he’s not here anymore, I still can feel his presence and there is still my longing to be with him.

But this time, it was different. It was not just me and him. But us and him. The four of us --- me, nel, anthony and ryan --- took time to spent a post valentines moment with him. I know, each one of us had been a great part of his life and shared precious moment together. And now, what’s good is that we are all friends.
we share one common ground: him and the good memories he left...

And the most meaningful thing that happened that night: all complicated issues was resolved.

anthony, rye, daei and nel with tita mirla--  marlo's mom: 
closing the chapter of complicated issues and opening a new book of friendship...

And it all makes us feel better.


  1. ryan said...
    I was actually browsing the pix at multiply when i see ur blogspot add,
    I clicked on the link & i suddenly find myself crying...
    I don't know if it's the relief that we all have had, or the joy of being together. We all have been an important player in a movie where "YANI" was the lead actor. We've had our share of his life's ups & downs and we all have our memories... each form a great chapter of his wonderful life.
    Now he's gone but his memories became our binding factor. I know you guys are all happy and I am so grateful these things have to happen. I know he is extremely happy in heaven seeing all of us together...
    what more can i ask for??? actually, nothing at all but for this friendship to last as long as we all shall live...
    Cheers to our group Rye, Daei, Nel and Anthony!!! xempre kasama pa rin si YANI!!!!
    daei said...
    im sure napapailing na lang si yani with matching secret smile kapag nakikita nya tayong apat.. who would've think na magiging tropa tayo?

    he's our comon ground. he binded us together.. and let's always remember waht his mom told us..

    nel said...
    Truely a walk to remember!
    We miss you so much Marlo....

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