Date: December 14, 2006
Venue: Jay-Jay's Inasal, Pasig City (Beside Ortigas Home Depot)

This party took a month of preparation. The so-called committees: Me, Bee, Erika and Minnie. The theme should be "the 80's". And every activity should relate into the 80's.

the committee gurls...

As early as 4pm, we started decorating the venue... putting creepe papers, baloons, sound system, etc.. to project the 80's look. It was fun being part of the preparation, considering this is going to be my first christmas party with 1ISA.

Last minute activities:

~ Me and the rest of the gurls doing the last hour of finding what to wear. Buti na lang malapit lang ang "F"....

~ Me and cheng buying stuff for the exchange gifts

~ Erika stressed out in segregation of raffle and game prizes

~ Our team presentation for the night (partida na late na kme nagpractice ha... still we won the best in presentation)

The FOOD: It was so great! Sobrang sarapp!!!

ALCOHOL: Overflowing!!!

In fact, may tama kme ni Erika! hehehe!!

Some pics...

- me and minnie -

with "Boy George" and "Mr. T"



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