to clear things out...

Met up with besty VanVan last Saturday for our "exchange gifts". It was our yearly tradition. Sayang nga Nikay wasn't there. But we'll see each other naman this week hopefully.

Thanks Van for the nice gift! I love it...

After meeting Van... I headed to Greenbelt 3 to meet someone who plays a big part on my current "paranoia".

She's one of the fitness instructor at the gym who happened to know everything that is happening. Just recently we thought that maybe we should go out... talk about "things"... and so to clear "everything".

And we did. Last Saturday.

It was a great bonding. I discovered a lot of things about her.. more than how I thought she was at the gym.

And it was sincere.

Now, more than anything else... she gave me the real meaning of CHOICE.

Thanks JANEL!


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