See how my office gurlfriends loves me....

December 19, 2006 @ Maru Videoke Bar... (Ground Floor, Strata 2000)

It was a so-called "my night". I was not really at my system... something's bothering me... plus work stress... I needed to release everything....

Minnie also is the mood for singing...

So here we are...

Cheng - ginawang alternative sa beer and rice....
Minnie - May kapalit na ang "complicated"... "Knock Me Off My Feet" na!

Erika - "cheers to singlehood?"

Shaz - "sayaw pa!"

Thanks gurls for the wonderful and fun time. You really know how to cheer me up. Special thanks to Cheng, na hindi basta basta sumasama sa mga lakad namin... at akalain mong sya ang unang unang present! *grin*

Minnie and Shaz... wala ako masabi snyo... anytime you're always there... labchoo gurls!!!

Isang discovery: Ibang kasama sa gimik si Erika. Nabibigla pag nalalasing! But I was really touched, gurl.

Oops.. si Bianca, present din... but she has to leave early... :-)

Maraming salamat sa inyo


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