i am back from Iloilo.

and sad i have no pictures.. not even one from my phone. it was kinda busy event that i forgot to charge my camera :(

i had the taste of the original La Paz Bachoy at Teds as dinner on our first night. It wasn't that good. "Las ay" as they termed it.. meaning "matabang. They say that the real La Paz Bachoy can be found at the Market. But no way that you can let me eat on the area seeing how it looked like. 

Saturday, Event Day. Toxic to the max day. Although i am thankful that I was able to get a full sleep on Friday night prior to our event.

Sunday. The only libot that we were able to do was to go to The Biscocho Haus for pasalubongs. And then went back to Manila with the delayed flight (of course) of Cebu Pacific.

I am off this weekend for ampanga for the 4th Leg of our event. It was in time for Daddy's birthday too...

2 more legs and im off to my next project!!! coming up soon!!!


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