musings today

i am posting this after a bottle of "matador" together with my cousin boyboy and cousin-in-law joel...

just tought of going online for a break... im kinda tipsy...

but yeah, im still on my mind... "matino pa ako"... *wink*

i joined the "matador" session because:

---> i missed him. so much. the though of him makes me stop for a while and think of all the memories we had.

---> my dad dropped by earlier. its just so quick. but i appreciate it so much. mas matagal pa yung travel time nya going here than the time he stayed. still, it was an effort. and i terribly missed him. he promised to be back on my mom's death anniversary next month.

----> again, i missed Marlo. I kept on reading his last text messages to me... It's been so long since he left...

----> went to the grocery earlier to shop for stuffs needed for boy-boy's birthday tomorrow.. umaatikabong inuman na naman to for sure...

---> i called in sick at the office earlier. Just to make time for my dad's visit.

and really, i can feel there's something missing. i dunno what... i am not completely... happy.


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