My Romblon Experience

Arrived back in Manila earlier, 5:00 am.

As I mentioned on my previous post, this was my first time to see the island of Romblon. My point of destination is the town of Odiongan in Tablas Island, where the Petron Mini Bulk Plant is located. Then im heading straight to Cajidiocan, Sibuyan to visit my tita and to see my cousin-cum-godson to serve during the priest ordination.

I left Manila 12pm to Batangas Port. Arrived there at around 3:30 pm. Still early for the 5pm schedule of departure. There I bought my ticket bound straight to Odiongan Romblon via MV Matilde of Montenegro Shipping Lines. My first time to travel via ship. I am really nervous, since I would be all by myself during the entire travel. I decided to take the deluxe room, thinking that I would have a comfortable trip all the way...

4:30 pm when the p.a announced the boarding. The moment I set my foot at the entrance of the ship, i knew this is not what I expect it to be. As  I entered into the "de luxe" section, this is the environment that welcomed me...

More than 100 double decks side by side for 100 passengers. I almost wanted to back-off. "How am I going to survive this in 8 hours?" Worst, my bed assignment was on the upper deck, in which i can already touch the ceiling. If only I knew, I should've requested for the lower deck instead. I never knew I could request anyway...

What I did was, went up to my bed, ate my Mc Chicken and then immediately went outside the room and explored the ship. In time for sunset, I just enjoyed the view of the sea, sky and the islands we are passing.

sunset view from the ship...

the captain's cabin...

the sea's view from where I am on the ship...

Our expected time of arrival at Odiongan was 2:00 am. Luckily, we were 2 1/2 hours early. We arrived there at around 12:30am. I was fetched by Tatang Fred, one of the drivers of Mr. Pen Tan, the Petron dealer and according to some, was one of the richest man in Romblon. This I really think is true because most of the establishment and businesses there was operated and owned by him. I stayed at Rencio's Resort, also owned by Mr. Tan. They gave me a huge room -- with sala set, tv, cable and a BIG BIG Bed. .

I conducted the Petron Training around 8am and it lasted for one hour. After the training, I have nothing else to do. I thought of exploring the town but after few hours I realized, nalibot ko na yata yung buong bayan. It was just a small town pero it was the most developed town in the whole Romblon. So I have no choice but to stay at the hotel and just sleep. After all, I am scheduled to leave 4am the next day for Cajidioccan.

Taken while inside the tricycle...

The next day, I was accompanied again by Tatang Fred to Poctoy Port for my next trip to Cajidiocan. As early as 4am, we are already at the pier because the scheduled time of departure was 5am. Unfortunately, there's a delay and the ship arrived at around 6:30 and we left at around 7:30 am. Estimated time of arrival at Cajidiocan: 12:00pm.

Mary The Queen
This is where I rode bound to Cajidiocan

The Petron Station. Yan ang sinadya ko sa bayang to. 

From Odiongan, there's a stop-over at Romblon, Romblon. This is the main capital of the Island and where you can buy the cheapest marble products. 

Port of Romblon

Romblon, Romblon

After 5 hours, I finally set my foot at Sibuyan Island. The hometown of my dear Tito Emil and where Tita Malou is waiting for me. They have been asking me to visit their place for a long time now and since now that I have the chance, I wont let it slipped and just grab the opportunity. Though I only stayed there for a very short time, less than a day to be exact, I definitely enjoyed the activities I experienced while im in there.

Distant view of Sibuyan Island

I have witnessed for the first time an ordination ceremony. All priest around the region gather together to extend their blessing on the newly ordained priests.

It was also my first time to see my dear cousin-cum-inaanak wearing his "sutana" and to see him serve on the ceremony. He was the next in line to be ordained... out first ever priest in the family.

Thanksgiving party followed after the ceremony held at the town's municipal social hall. Umaapaw sa pagkain!

Then at night me and my cousin took a plunge on the nearby beach. It was just a few walks away from their house. They call it "baybay". White sand! Parang boracay ang tubig. Libre pa!! 

The next day, we left early for the trip back in Manila. Left Sibuyan Island at around 10am and then arrived in Manila 4am the next day. Ganun katagal ang byahe! Kakapagod pero enjoy naman.

Roblon was really one of the places here in the Philippines that we should truly be proud of. 

Isa lang ang wish ko.. sana magkaron na ng airport dun para pwede na mag airplane.. ayoko na sumakay ng barko...


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