Despite the cold breeze of a saturday the morning, when it was supposed to be a rest day for everyone,when I should still be cuddling my pillow under my favorite blanket, I have to get up early for a whole day orientation and seminar conducted by or dear office for the new employees. Discussing the rules, policies, benefits, mission vision, etc...

Met erika at Starbucks Shang around 8:20 am. Call time at our Warehouse office was 8:30. Haha! Arrived there at exactly 8:30 and still we are one of the early birds. Buti na lang! Orientaton started at around 9am and done by 3pm.

Well, it was fun though... beneficial for everyone. Everybody was fed well (sarap ng food!!!!). Questions, inquiries and clarifications answered.

Pero, eto ang panalo sa araw na to...


Yan ang sinabi sakin ni Erika.

In the middle of the orientation we both felt the urgency of visiting our "bestfriend" here at Strata. As much as we wanted to control it, emergency calls and we cannot do anything about it but to raise our hands and tell our boss that we need to go out and be back as soon as possible. I guess he doesn't have any choice though but to allow us to go.. hehehe!

So here we are, erika driving as fast as she can...and as soon as we arrive at Strata, we are really, really, really greatful to be with our "bestfriend"... the first friendly bonding that we have... a memorable one... hehehehe!


Since the orientation ended up earlier as expected, I decided to go to the gym for some cardio thing.

So there I was, doing a 20 mins on the stepper and then sat on the handbike for a suppose to be another 20 minutes when mawel, one of the instructor approaced me...

mawel: "daei, sali kita ha..."
daei: "san?"
mawel: "endurance challenge"
daei: "huwaattt? ano gagawin ko dun?"
mawel: "simple lang. partner tayo. cardio and muscle exercise lang. pag nanalo tayo free one month mebership."
daei: "sino sino kasali"
mawel: " 6 teams dapat. basta sali kita ha. partner tayo."

Challenged and thinking that it was fun, I said yes...

And it was... an absolutely graet experience ever...

The challenge:

ROWING - 1,500 km
PUSH-UPS - 50 reps
BIKE - 3 km
SIT-UPS - 50 reps

Mawel did the Rowing, Sit-ups, and the treadmill. I did the Push-ups and the bike. Well, im proud to say I was the first to finish the 50 reps push-ups. Dito nga yata kami lumamang e. weheee!!!

Sad, we were only on the second place. With only 2 minutes difference from the winning team. Sayang talaga. Pero ok lang, it was really fun!

And now, ramdam ko ang pain sa upper body ko. Epekto ng endurance challenege... hehehe!


  1. niQ said...
    Huwaw! 50 push-ups? WAAAAW!!!! Lakas mo talaga daei!!! :))
    daei said...
    oo naman! hehehe!

    ikaw ba naman ang....

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