Been so busy the past week, I haven't been able to update. It has been a week.

It was spelled as S-T-R-E-S-S!

mental, physical, environment, name it! It was a toxic week that passed.

--- Finishing concept studies of a Christmas Reward Catalogue for a bank client. Well, syempre hindi lang isang study to.. I need to present at least three studies... three versions... both cover page and inside pages. Well, with Erika's rescuing power, we were able t
o submit the studies last friday.... on the last minute.. and now, i am currently reading all the comments and revisions inputs of our boss... which is not quite a "majot revision" but still, we have to do some retouching...meaning, toxic na naman ang araw na to.

--- I will be having a photoshoot for another bank client's newsletter later. Need to have a facade image and their staffs. Take note, im doing this all by myself.. huhuhu! well at least makakalabas ako ng office...a consolation after all..

--- Saturday was the happiest day of the week that passed. Why? hah! leave it to me.. moment ko yun e!

--- A lazy Sunday... burned myseld on the tube and my dvd player. Watched this movie... Kayalang.. hindi ako natuwa..

--- Finished reading this. Great novel. Far better that The Da Vinci Code.

--- 10 days to go... I hope a mojor change would happen...Im crossing my fingers.. but still not expecting.


  1. niQ said...
    Agree with me then: "angels and demons" was so much better than "Da vinci"... ;)
    daei said...
    I agree! ;)

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