eto ang epekto ng adik sa gym....

May ==> 135 lbs

June ==> 129 lbs
July ==> 123 lbs

san ka pa??

an accomplishment, right???

(pagkatapos ng walang kamatayang cardio exercise sa stepper, treadmill, my bestfriend handbike; cross-training ng isang pasaway na instructor, freeweights, group ex lalo na hip hop class; mga machines for triceps and biceps, leg exercise...)

at syempre... and diet...
(except of course... i can't resist the chicken salad and the crab with cocumber in aoli oil sandwich plust fruit penta shake sa gym)

Erika, gurl we have more calories to loose... hehehe...

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  1. erika said...
    sinabi mo pa!!!

    basta everyday gym and tigil na lamon!! bwahahaha

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