didn't go to the gym last night...


Tin, a friend that I met from my presscon coverages and music events days, met for dinner last night at Recipes, Greenbelt 3. The last time I saw her was i think, 2 or 3 years ago... during the Tunog Acoustic album launch at Eastwood.

After our ym conversation last tuesday, we thought it would be better if we could meet and catch up. Since we are both on a different environment now..far from what we had before... from meeting foreign and local music artist... interviewing them...covering their performances, concerts, album launch...those times when we have to save each other by sharing our lights, microphone, and sometimes doing an interview together...

Anyway, we met up at powerbooks and then headed to Recipes for dinner. It was my first time to eat there and I would say, the foods were great. Yum!yum!. I ordered bangus steak and she had the general's chicken. In fairness, masarap sya talaga and marami ang servings.

Tin trimmed down from the last time we saw each other. Effect na rin siguro ng Fitness First. Yep.. we coincidentally go to the same gym. Though she usually workout at Ayala...ako kasi sa Wynsum. We talked about everything... worklife, stressful loads, people, love life... basta almost everything.

Its good to see you again Tin, and I hope we could do this thing again... and thanks for all the chikas and kwento. Ill remember all of them. And remember what I've told you, ok.

You are just making your IDENTITY... so don't level yourself down.

And.. thanks for bringing me home... *wink*


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