my computer breaks down! the video card crashed... meaning all my pending works will remain to be pending, no internet access (unless of course I make singit to ms. cheng's computer in times that she's out.. wih the excuse of "can i check my mailbox?" hehehe!). Buti na lang she's out to Megamall kaya, ako muna dito sa pwesto nya and do this stuff... hehehe.

But really, im seriously looking forward in doing the next newsletter project but the moment I got in, i saw the service man doing someting on my opened cpu. So, wala akong choice... maghintay. Good that according to him, it can be fixed within the day.

I got in lunchtime because I was with my brother earlier to be his patient on his Optometrist Practical Board Exam. No contact lens for the whole morning until I got in here. I was there at the examination area and saw other board takers... some obviously are nervous, others taking things easily. And heres my brother... I was with him the whole time he's taking the 5 major practical test. And mind you, all the examiners are so strict.. at terror! grabe!

Im keeping my fingers crossed for my brother... sana he could make it this time... sana lucky charm ang ate nya... wehehee...

I actually slept at their place last night. Somewhere around Sampaloc area. God, I missed the area so much. 20 years of living there... particularly along Don Quijote-Dimasalang-Laon Laan area... where I spent my whole childhood days. And it was still the same. I missed every single memories I had with that much...

... and back to this workplace... my superior just handed me my performance appraial. An evaluation sheet on my work performance. I was glad to see at the bottom of the last page where it states RECOMMENDATION: Confirm regularization to position of Creative Junior Officer effective August 1, 2006.

now, this is is a good news... *wink*


  1. CB CIRCUITO said...
    Greetings from Portugal.
    niQ said...
    CONGRATULATIONS! Increase na sweldo! :)
    daei said...
    @ nikay

    Hay naku! i dont know kung may increase o wala.. let's see.. dumbidumbidum.....

    mishu bespren!!!

    @ cb circuito

    thanks for dropping by!!!! *wink*

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