one down.. more to go


another project done...

the final issue of BPI TIMES Newletter...

~ front page~

featuring the Hong Kong Disneyland Trip last March.

~ inside page~

It took me a month to finish this newsletter (i know it was quite a long period) mainly because:

1. they handed me the pictures 3 weeks ago.

2. they had to make some necessary corrections on figures presented at the front page
3. they kinds seems to have a hard time selecting which pictures should be posted

and lastly...

i was working with the most favorite accounts officer of everyone! hahaha! plus the fact that i was on the state of laziness that time...

~back page~

honestly.. i am not really happy with the output. I actually did a first layout wherein i incorporated the font style with disneyland using Walt Disney font to make it appear more appealing and connected. But according to this account officer.. it looks "baduy" daw. It would be better to use his favorite ARIAL BOLD font to make it more formal. Yes, Arial is his all-time favorite font. Just reminds me of the "forest green" issue.. o well, that's another story.

Formal??? yeah right! sabi mo eh... hand's off.. e di sige... gawin kung ano ang gusto nya. But really, even other people here liked my Walt Disney design than this one. O well... now I know why it took a long time for him to present it and goten the client's approval.

I coordinated with my printer/supplier already for the printing and they picked up the file in the office. They are suppose to give me a proof copy on monday and hopefully, final copies will be out next week.



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