saturday at DAD's Megamall..

It's EON's birthday!!! It was a fun-filled children's party on a raining Saturday afternoon. Eon is Ms. Bong's (my super uber kulit officemate) youngest son and he just turned 1.

You know how I loooove kids! And this day, I enjoyed the moment together with my ofcmates' kids.. kasi ako walang kid... :-( sad...

3 moms and a baby
Minnie, Rose, Moi, and Euan
(Trina nakakainis ang gwapo ng anak mo!!!)

ang uber kulit na anak ni Minnie

ang mommy ni Ram

youngest ni Cheng

pero syempre, wala kmeng pic ng birthday celebrant! hahahaha!

and Sunday, it was Kuya Ernie's turn to get another year older.

It was actually biglaan when we decided to drop by at their place at San pedro, Laguna. Since he'll be leaving soon (on the 27th) back to UAE, at least we could spend time together naman.

See this cute little girl? She's Bea, his little angel...

~kuya olan, bebe bea, moi~
you should see her mom & dad
Cute nya no? :D


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