Its a welcome back party for my everdearest cousin Kuya Ernie. Spend Saturday night at BAGABERDE along Roxas Boulevard (beside Marina and Pier 1).

This celebration was supposed to be the week before but since everyone is busy, we thought of pushing it Sunday night since I have 4 tickets to Zirkoh comedy bar at Greenhills. But on the last minute, he and Kuya Olan texted me "cousin tonight na lang tayo lumabas" OK. I was on the gym when I got the message and tadah! fine... they are coming to our house that night.

Kuya Ernie and Ate Ova, straight from San Pedro Laguna arrived at around 11pm sa house. We really don't know where to go that night. Until Tito Emil suggested to go to Pier 1. Pero, as expected, Saturday night, full packed. When we arrived at Pier 1, waiting kami.. in line from others who are waiting too (na mukang 48 years na silang naghihintay). So we decided to make it at BAGABERDE.

Buti na lang, medyo ok ang performers that night. U-turn and Mojofly. We enjoyed the get-together naman... 4 buckets of beer and one to sawang pulutan!! heheheee!!!

~kuya ernie & ate ova~

Went home around 3am... pero may continuation pa sa house. Kwentuhan to the max. That's why we slept maguumaga na...and as expected.. si tito emil di na nakapasok.. hehehe!

~eto ang original berks na magpipinsan!~

~ysa and tito emil~

Thanks cousin for the super enjoy and wonderful gimik!!! :D


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