Yup, I just filed my resignation earlier effective April 30th.  The reason? do i need to elaborate more? Well, I believe it is what I am supposed to do. After all, a great opportunity knocked in my door at the right time, when I most needed it. And the best thing to do is to grab it!

It was really another proof of God's great divine provision. This was an answered prayer. 

There are pros and cons in the transistions but all I have to do is to believe in my faith and trust His will.

I am about to start working with my new job while I am in the transition period. Part of the package was not being required to report to office everyday. It was an output-based job. 

There is a huge excitement inside me with this new job. And I can really sense a very positive vibes.

I am happy that I have the blessings and support of our dear MDA, our president to whom I am directly reporting for the past 3 years. She looks very much supportive when she talked to me earlier.

And if you are asking where my new home is... click here.

... yeah, it was a big surprise to everyone. I kept quiet until I finally decided. And i am pretty sure... 2 people are so happy knowing that I am leaving and that I wish them goodluck...


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