My First Summer Getaway for 2009...

... can also be my pre-despidida thing to my younger sisters at the office. I am already starting my work with Excite, an events company while still in the final transition period at the office. 

March 13-15, 2009... Manio's Residence at Talisay Batangas.

It was indeed a super fun fun fun weekend for us. 


I am now officially with EXCITE, an events company owned buy my advertising professor wayback junior year in college. 

My first project: SMART PINOY "GALING PINOY" JOB AND FUN FAIR 2009. A 6-legs Roadshow that will run from April 18-June 12, simultaneously nationwide.

I am challenged and enjoying my new work. But yeah, I will still be with 1ISA until the end of the month. My soon-to-be former boss gave me all her blessings and support to my new found career. And there's a big possibility too, that I may have some events project with them in the future.

Will post more about my new home soon.


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