i am starting to get hooked on... well... WEB DESIGNING. Yep yep!!! to the next level na ito!

Yeah, maybe I am into blogging but I am used in doing it with a given template to work on. I mean, I could just search into tons of free blogger/blogspot templates online and then just apply the CSS codes to the user-friendly blogger dashboard of my account. 

Now its kinda different. I am hooked on creating and designing the whole of it. Iba pala yung ikaw mismo ang magdedesign! Aliw!  

Primarily because, my next job entails me to learn more about web design and then all the while when I am studying the basics, i just got hooked on it! I got inspired by the sites Dave (one of my workmates in my new job.. and a web guru *wink*) gave me. Nakakachallenge kasi. And it brought me back my inspiration into graphic designs... 

I am already working on some designs and, slowly, I am getting used to the language...the "tips and tricks". 

The trust given to me by these people in my new work really inspires and challenges me to do a more. I am really really flattered when they gave compliments to the initial project outputs I presented and seeing that they appreciated it gives me a little sense of accomplishment... and for me, this means a long long way to go.

I am hoping I could do my own personal blog template and then upload it here. Getting to know more on HTML and CSS is suicide, but definitely fun!


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