Triple Celebration

June 5, 2009... a triple celebration for:

Ysa's 21st birthday, Kyla's 9th birthday and Lalique's 7th month...

And we indeed made this day special.

A few weeks ago, Kyla asked for a special birthday gift -- A trip to Manila Ocean Park. And so, I, being the generous "ate" that I could ever be, granted her wish. I filed a leave at work to accompany her at Manila Ocean Park. I tagged along boyboy, her brother and my inaanak because he also has not been to the oceanarium.

It was raining so hard outside but that doesn't stopped us from going. 

First stop at Manila Ocean Park... It's good that they provide an umbrella when it rains.

a "merienda" at pancake house  after Manila Ocean Park trip.

At night, it was Ysa's celebration. Our friends (my ex-officemates) came over and spent an overnight drinking session with my homebase family.

Yup, we lasted until 6am. 

visit more pictures at my multiply site. :)


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