For Keeps...

straight from the no-sleep-at-all birthday celebration of ysa, i met besty nikay and aw (the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. de Mata) for our dear Van's post birthday celebration. We headed all the way to Valenzuela together with the heavy rain and traffic. Ganyan ka namin ka labs vanvan!

Doland arrived after lunch. Pero nakahabol pa rin sya sa lunch. The food was soooo great. We're all super busog!

Its a good thing that nik and I had our vital measurement (for van's wedding) before having lunch. Coz we also tried to have a measurement after, and it added another 2 inches. grrrr!!!

Oh well, nik and I made it a point that on the first fitting, there would be a big adjustment kasi papayat na kami! heheheh!

here's some pics...

upon doland's arrival. 
panauhing pandangal ni vanny coz it was only during this time that she took pictures. hmft!
the food was soooo great. we're super busog to the max! thanks vanvan!

van-daei-nik: bestfriends for keeps!

the soon to be bride and groom + the bridesmaid and the groomsman

belated happy birthday besty!

And I am blessed that I have them.


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