Exactly the same month last year when a big change happened in my life. It was something that used to be so "beautiful". Someone touched my life and it made a difference. I probably had misunderstood him that we caused to part ways but after sometime we were able to bring it back together.

It was a long journey. We had our own separate road and eventually, it was just so unbelievable that after the long travel, we would find ourselves standing in our own road-end sharing a common pit-stop.

barely holding things together. struggling to make each own' relationship work.

but it doesn't.  we both failed.  we both left standing alone. and both of us, surprised to see each other after that long travelled road.

Both still have options to make. It is never too late anyway. We can still save ourselves from a more deeper hurt... if only we can both make a good decision.

And both hoping that pain would never happen again.


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