from a two consecutive days of streamering for motolite. We've covered Caloocan, Novaliches, and Valenzuela area. All in all we completed 56 houses...

Few more left... hoping to finish the whole campaign by next week...

It is indeed a sooo tiring job for us. But enjoyable though. Sometimes a bit of bloopers. And most of the time, a sense of accomplishment. As we always say: "rain or shine tuloy ang showdown". 

Lately, I have been so busy with different "rakets" at the office. A blessing and a help for me to have my own diversion. And it really helped.

After what had transpired from the past days, i found myself focusing on work, eating most of my time.. even during weekends. Tired but i am liking it. 

I find it quite different waking up in the morning without having to think of "that past" and just laughing about what had happened. Realizing that its really not worth the struggle. And that leads me to focus on my work and prioritize things.

I am quite recovered. A bit more and i am surely back in shape.


After the motolite sreamering earlier. I had dinner with BLF (oh! this is the new term we are using now. mashado na kasing overused and BFF eh!) at Café Mondial in Silver City. A different place for us. It was both our first time to eat there and well.. ok naman yung food. 

After dinner we had coffee. A little kwentuhan... a bonding talk actually. A bestfriend's bonding moment for us.

Sayang we don't have pics earlier, blf... :(


I am going out with "emo" tomrw. A bit of a bonding date that we haven't done for a long time. I am not sure if im going to post details here, but rest assured... it would be asomething worth remembering..

Have to sleep now... Got to wake up early tomrw...

Nytie Night!


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