Reality Check

After quite sometime (2 weeks or more i guess), we saw each other again. I have no choice though at that time. It was really a moment where I know it is a 100% possibility of seeing you. And it did. I thought I would feel strange. I thought I would feel awkward. And I even pepared myself a bit.

But no. I am glad it felt so natural. The moment I saw you, it was like... nothing. And yes, I felt strange because I never felt any chills or any awkwardness. And to have your mom's best adobo for dinner with them.. parang walang nangyaring issue. Well, i never allowed your family to get into the confict that we have in the first place. I just hope they didn't noticed a thing.

And it doesn't matter anyway. Whether or not they noticed something different between us, it is you whom they will ask anyway. It's your perogative to answer it.. whether to tell them the real score or just shut up like what i did.

Everything's ok, i guess. And yeah.. its really much better this way. I am glad I am recovering. It is not painful anymore. Seeing you doesn't give me any hurt at all. 

As what you wanted it to be... seeing you is just like seeing an "ordinary friend". 

But then, everytime that i thought about what we've been through and what we've shared... it's all a wasted time.. a wasted trust.. a "sweet nightmare".

I know.. definitely.. time will come when we'll both see ourselves smiling and laughting over this. 

And we both know we cannot avoid each other forever... we are still bonded.. as "family". So I hope, i really hope... things will get better than this. 

... in time.


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